Friday, 15 April 2016

Simplicity 1609 Frock Friday

One thing I find challenging about being a new mum is finding the time and energy for 'me' time. This is made more difficult due to my physical limitations, because when Tobias naps I need to be resting horizontally so that I can make it through the day (at least until the Captain comes home and can take over).
But I still have this itch to be creative, which is actually kind of irritating, because there isn't much free time (or energy) anymore. I have been dying to sew something the past few months. I didn't want my recently acquired skills to go rusty. So I picked up this Simplicity pattern, in the hopes it would be a simple sew. The 60's shift dress is my signature style. I have lot of them in my wardrobe. I like them to not be too tight in case of weight fluctuations and for comfort. And I enjoy wearing something that I created. So I made up this muslin out of a op shopped vintage double bed sheet as a practice run, before I attempt the pattern with some fabric I really love. 
Now I'll admit I cheated a little bit. I cut the front piece on the fold so I wouldn't have to bother with the center front seam and a mismatched pattern, and I ended up skipping the zip, seeing as I can get the dress on over my head just fine...and I'm kind of scared of the whole zipper concept! I found I had to tweak the fit a bit. I cut out the size 18 pattern (I'm usually a 12 or 14) but I found the armholes too large, although I needed the size 18 across the hips. Also it was my first all in one facing, which worked out quite well really. Anyhoo for a practice dress it's completely wearable, and I managed to get it done pretty quickly too. It felt good to sew again. 

Outfit Details.....

Vintage sheet dress - Made by me
Deer necklace - Handmade by Red Essy
Vintage brooch & green bracelet - Op shopped
Cartoon bracelet - Handmade by Myclectic
Vintage button ring - Handmade by me
Vintage belt from another dress
Crochet bag - Gifted by blog buddy Trudie Scrumptious
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail

Here's a couple of pics with my boy
He's just the sweetest! 

Friday, 1 April 2016

Blue & Green should always be seen!

This is a handmade frock that I found at Lifeline, & I reconstructed it a bit by taking it apart at the waist & shortening the top part, as I like things sitting higher on my belly rather then lower. Recently I removed the flouncy sleeves too, as they sat kind of funny which put me off wearing it. I really enjoy altering things to better suit me. I'm SO glad I took up sewing again after last attempting it in high school. 

Excuse the pale skin...I need a holiday!

Outfit Details....

Handmade vintage frock - Op shopped
Tie belt - from another dress
Brooch scrum..... Green enamel flower from Instagram
Fox in frame made by me
Pink bling vintage brooch op shopped
Fabric button ring - Made by me
Patchwork toaster cover - Converted to a bag by me
Shoes & bangle - Retail


 Here's our boy who's now almost 7 months old!

Wearing vintage above & below