Sunday, 26 April 2015


I'm one happy mumma to be. It's finally turned a bit cooler here, so polyester can finally reign without feeling like a walking sauna. My belly is looking more pregnant by the day instead of just podgy (I felt my first wee kicks the other day which was a joyous moment). And today I got to squeeze a couple of my vintage loves Celia of Kitty's Vintage & Kitsch and Trudie of My Vintage Childhood who were selling their wares at the Collectorville Fair


 There was lots of nice stuff for sale at the fair, but I was restrained and came home empty handed. Although that's not entirely true as sweet Trudie had gifted me a couple of vintage frocks and some dear old books for Little Bean. Although I'm in a fair bit of pain being upright at the moment thanks to my weak back, it was lovely to be out with the vintage crowd.
Here are some pics of the fair......

Loved the platform shoes from Gypsy Bazaar

The Captain likes old hats

I liked that huge leather bag

And this glorious orange vinyl ottoman storage thingo

Delicious green radio from Celia's stall


And some snaps of Trudie's treasures

Those shoes! SO cute!

 My sweet friend Trudie...she's a darling!

 The Captain getting in some parenting practice

Here's the 18 week bump

 Outfit Details....

Vintage dress - WAC sale (was a size 22 long sleeved maxi dress which I was a LOT of frock beforehand)
1960's Enamel flower brooch - Instagram Sale
Deer brooch - From my dear Helga
Bakelite bangles & small ring - Op shopped
Large ring & crochet flower - Handmade & bought at an op shop
Beaded bag - $3 at Salvos
Kumfs sandals - $3 at Salvos in New Zealand


Friday, 17 April 2015

Lunch in a Brunch Coat

I picked up this crisp cotton brunch coat in the sleepwear section of Vinnies for $2. Someone had obviously donated a few brunch coats & the looked like they've never been worn before. The colours of this one grabbed me, but it had short sleeves that were really tight, so I performed minor surgery & whipped them off.

Outfit Details.....

60's Summer Dressing Gown - Op shopped @ Vinnies
Vintage wallpaper bird brooch - Made by me
Green enamel brooch - Instagram sale
Pink bling brooch - Op shopped @ Salvos
2 vintage bracelets - Op shopped
Button ring - Made by me
Fabric belt - From a dress made by Taz
Beaded bag - Bought at a vintage fair
Shoes - Kids shoes on sale
Sunglasses - Retail

And the dress before with sleeves

Friday, 10 April 2015

Too much desert or a baby bump?

I guess the title speaks for itself, and up until now it's been hard to tell. That's the thing when you have a little round roly belly to start with. But it appears Little Bean has popped out a bit. It'll be exciting when I'm past the "is she or isn't she?" kind of stage.
This frock is a favourite, being green and all, and it's got some sweet features like the bodice camisole effect and the pleated skirt. It's nice and stretchy, but a bit too hot during the heat of summer. So I'm glad it's back on rotation now it's cooling a bit. From memory it cost me $5 on a Facebook sale.

 Outfit Details...

Vintage dress (possibly 80's) - Nelly's facebook sale
Tape measure brooch - Made by me
Vintage rings and bangle - Op shopped
Plastic beaded bag - Generously reduced in price for me by Sandra of Mid Mod Oz at the WAC
Kids shoes - Retail sale

Some of my cotton frocks are getting too snug now so I'm grateful it's almost polyester weather!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Bakelite bargains and jewellery finds

At a recent Aladdin's fair a lady was selling off some jewellery pieces that had been in an elderly woman's collection. Bakelite goes for an arm and a leg here, so I snapped up these bargain bakelite bits at $5 each. Jewellery is ALWAYS my weakness.

Butterscotch bakelite brooch

Red bakelite bird brooch

And a 1930's celluloid brooch

A red disco gem bracelet

An opal ring
Op shopped

Some cut glass beads 
Op shopped

And something that's been on my jewellery wish list for ages, an original 60's AVON owl brooch/pendant with perfume inside, found on Etsy

A red crystal brooch
Op shopped

A goldtone hinged bangle with birds on it
Op shopped

A opal effect silvertone pendant
Op shopped

A wee Bavarian style brooch
Op shopped

Do you have a weakness for vintage jewellery like me?