Friday, 27 March 2015

Dressed like a bruise

Perhaps the title gives it away, but I've never been a huge fan of the colour purple on me, although I don't mind it on other people. I don't know why, just a preference I suppose. So in the years I've had this dress I haven't worn it very often, even though it's that classic 60's style I love. I think it cost me about $3 at Salvos. At least it's button front which might come in handy when breast feeding.

Outfit Details......

60's cotton shift dress - Op shopped @ Salvos
Polkadot belt - from another vintage frock
Navy enamel brooch - Etsy
Old bling brooch - Gift from my mum
Small enamel brooch & navy raffia bag - Op shopped
Tape measure bangles - from Tarras in New Zealand
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail

 The Captain and I wanted to say a big thank you for your kind words about our exciting news. 
We appreciated every comment so thank YOU! And to all those who came along just to read that post (and probably won't be reading this one!) I want to say hi to you too. Lets just hope I have enough vintage frockage to get me through the expanding belly months....afterall I do like having a wide selection to choose from!

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Surprise Like No Other

Some of you already know thanks to facebook, but there's been some things going on behind the scenes that have made it more difficult to blog at the moment. The main one being that we are having a baby! Yep that's right, something I thought was next to impossible, but turns out it happened after 20 years of marriage and living with a complex illness for 22 years. So although we were kind of attempting it, I was SO SO shocked that it actually happened, as I really truly felt our time for a family was over. God obviously had other ideas.

The happy shock has brought with it many emotions. Wrapping my mind around the idea that I'll actually be a mummy, which was a dream I'd been in the process of letting go of (due to my age and my health issues that are obviously chronic, which greatly increase the risk of infertility and miscarriage, plus the fact I can't stay off hormones for very long, which means my windows of fertility have been rather small). We had always hoped for one little one, but we waited and waited hoping my health would improve so we would know it was the "right" time. As it turns out that didn't happen. I knew it was now or never so to speak, especially after turning 40, but I didn't hold out much hope of it happening.

But it did! Our little one is doing well so far (YAY!), and pregnancy is fine really, but my M.E has been throwing all it can at me, as I had to come off all of my medications and treatments cold turkey. 10 all at once....OUCH. So it's been challenging to live day to day without those meds, some of which I've been on for 20 years. With M.E having similarities to other auto immune diseases the theory is that being pregnant often helps with these kinds of conditions, but so far the positives of the pregnancy hormones haven't outweighed the negatives of my illness now going untreated. But I am hopeful that now I'm past the first trimester things will improve, especially as I can go back on a couple of the more essential meds.

I haven't been op shopping as much as usual due to my body not behaving, requiring even more horizontal time, but in all honesty it's been hard to even post on here while keeping this secret. So I'm glad I don't have to hide anymore! I have no doubt life is going to change in a HUGE way, but I really don't want to write a "mummy" blog, so hopefully I'll still natter on about my treasures, finds and my frocks when I can.

So here's to 2015 being full of even more adventures then I expected, with the arrival of our miracle Little Bean in September.
I look forward to catching up with you and your blogs ASAP. Xx

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Retro to Deco Fair

I had intended on getting this post out on Friday, but with things being topsy turvy around here it didn't happen. Anyway this post is about Brisbane's very first Everything Deco to Retro Fair which is run by our blogging pal Celia of Kitty's Vintage Kitsch. It's great to have another vintage fair in Brisbane, as so many over the years seem to have disappeared. I have to admit I don't go to these things with an intention on buying things (I'm not much help to my seller mates!), I have so much already so it would have to be something really special or something really cheap for me to make a purchase. There was a wonderful range of collectibles for all tastes, and the Captain and I had fun checking it out with my bestie Miss J and her hubby. Being a hot summer day a cotton frock was in order, this one has a zip front and is from the 60's.

My favourite thing about vintage fairs is catching up and squeezing vintage loving friends.
It was a treat to meet Millie of The pin up life for the very first time in the flesh.

My best girl of 25+ years Miss J

And the lady of the weekend Miss Celia

I didn't take many pics of the fair itself but here are a few.....

Love the Captains happy face

And onto the outfit

Outfit Details....

60's Dress - Bought at the WAC
Fabric belt - Made by me
2 enamel flower brooches - Instagram sale
Deer brooch - Gifted by Queen Helga
Bakelite bangles - Ebay and op shopped
Button ring - Made by me
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Vintage Seiko watch - Garage sale
Shoes - Retail