Sunday, 4 October 2015

You've got the best of my love

I'm finally taking a moment to write a quick post to fill you in on our vintage baby bean news. This  has taken so long to write! Such is the busy schedule of a newborn!
Our sweet baby boy Tobias Josiah arrived a few weeks ago.

We were all booked in for a cesarean section due to happen at 38 weeks. That was decided long ago because of my complex health issues. So I wasn't at all expecting to go into labour even earlier at 37 weeks. In fact I hadn't even read about labour, nor had we done the usual antenatal classes, as the sessions were simply too long & exhausting for me. So when I started having contractions every 5 to 10 minutes at 6pm as we started dinner one night, I had no idea what they were. We spent the night googling contractions, labour & braxton hicks. After 3 hours we called my obstetrician, who told me to take some pain killers & go to bed, because he doubted it was labour. We tried that, but over the next 3 hours the contractions got stronger, every 5 minutes or less for 40 seconds or more. At midnight we called the hospital, & they told me to come on in & get checked out. At that stage I'd gone through 6 hours of labour. I wasn't at the hospital for long when my waters broke rather dramatically. It felt like a warm Niagara Falls. There was no doubt by then that this baby was on it's way. I was finally prepped for my c-section, which got started at 2am. So after 8 hours of unexpected labour, our wee 7 pound boy was born at 2.12am. It was an unreal experience, I kept on saying "I'm not ready!" We didn't know whether we were having a boy or a girl, so it was a lovely surprise

I spent a full week in hospital, with the Captain by my side every moment. My recovery was slow & challenging. I live with chronic pain most of the time to some degree, but the pain from surgery was very intense. Getting upright again was huge for me, & having a heartless midwife getting me up didn't help matters. The other big issue was my ongoing insomnia. I had 5 nights in a row with 1 hour total sleep over that time. After 5 sleepless nights I thought I might go mad, between that & the crazy hormones before my milk came in.  I found it impossible to switch my brain off with our newborn bub in the room. Finally the doctors decided to bomb me out on sleeping & pain meds, & the Captain was sent off to another room with Tobias for a couple of nights so I could sleep for as long as possible uninterrupted.

That first week is one I wouldn't want to do over. It's such an all consuming, overwhelming time in every way. Full of so many emotions as well as the physical changes and recovery, and so much to learn. It was good to finally be home, but once there our wee boy started to become very sleepy. I was having great trouble waking him for feeds, and he would barely cry at all. He had lost weight, and after a day of fruitless hours trying to feed him, we were advised to go straight to the emergency department at our local hospital after midnight one night. Tobias was admitted and checked over. It seems he was in a cycle of not feeding well due to being so sleepy, which then became a slippery slope where he was too lethargic to feed. The nurses got him topped up with some formula, which seemed to strengthen him to feed again. We were so thankful to avoid a naso-gastric tube, and grateful it wasn't anything more sinister.

As you can imagine it's been a busy time. The newborn schedule doesn't leave much time for anything else, let alone blogging or treasure hunting. And any spare moments seem to be spent having visitors who want to meet the newest member of the family, as well as me trying to factor in some essential rest.

I questioned becoming a mum for so long. Now I wonder why I did. It's already so much more then I could imagine. This new little life has brought us so much joy and laughter, and our hearts feel so full they could burst. We sit and look at our baby in awe and amazement. Of course it's challenging, especially physically when living with a chronic illness, but so far it's been more then worth it. We'll no doubt be living in our baby love bubble for a while longer, so forgive me if my posts aren't as regular as usual.

Here are some pics of the first weeks with our Little Bean. I'll try not to flood my posts with baby pics all the time!

Finally out of my PJ's!

I hope to catch up with you sometime soon! I've got some serious blog reading to do when I've got the brain capacity to take it in. Thanks for all your congratulations and lovely comments on Facebook and Instagram. We appreciate it! Xx


  1. Such a beautiful baby. Congratulations I am thrilled for you both. First babies are definitely a shock , as is how much we love them and what an amazing roller coaster of emotions . Just a reminder that eventually you will sleep ( gosh I hope so with your insomnia issues) . Love the photos .

  2. He is so beautiful. I love hearing birth stories. It always reminds me of when my little sprouts arrived. You have had quite a time but I can see that it is worth it.. Congratulations. And why not. Keep those baby pictures coming.

  3. Please do flood us with cutie pie baby Tobias pictures! You look beautiful Mama! And Captain Dad is looking pretty proud. :o)


  4. Congrats to you - the family photos are my favourite! Also that's a lovely quilt.

  5. Oh my! Congratulations. What an exhausting time, but so worth it. Welcome, Tobias. It's so funny how he was a rush to get into the world and then what does he do? He sleeps. I hope you get rested and fit in lots of self care. I love the photo of the three of you.

  6. You already know how happy I am for you guys. There's no rush with anything now, he's here and if yiu wanted to spend all day in bed snuggling, feeding, resting, sleeping it's the best way to be with them at this young stage and good for you too. So much love. X

  7. Congratulations to you three. Love seeing all the photos of your darling Tobias as well as his tired and happy parents.

  8. It's such wonderful news, and Tobias is just adorable! It sounds like a challenge (new motherhood is in most cases, but there are particular issues which obviously make it extra tough for you) but the three of you will work it out. Many congratulations, Leisa - being a mum suits you! xxx

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Tobias is just the cutest little thing (but you already knew that!). He also shares his birthday with my Miss17 :-)

    All the very best with the challenges of parenthood, you will be just fine. And please do flood your blog with baby pictures. After all it is your blog and you can do what you like!


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