Friday, 16 October 2015

My first post pregnancy Frock Friday! Now that's an achievement!

Like most mums wrangling a newborn, getting frocked up is a bit more of a challenge then I'm used to. I wear daggy gear when I'm at home (I seem to be covered in breastmilk lately!), but I do frock up even if I'm popping to the pharmacy or grocery store. But since the Captain went back to work a week ago I haven't been out much, because I'm finding it more challenging to have the time or energy to go out, let alone take pics of my outfit. It's hard for me to imagine that leaving the house will become second nature again, it feels like such a huge effort, & hard to fit in among feeding, nappies & nap times.
These pics were taken a week ago, so our wee boy is 4 weeks old here. He's such a sweetie, & we are enjoying the journey so far, although he's been a bit more demanding this past week thanks to some wind pain, & him finally becoming much more alert & more reluctant to drop off to sleep.
I dropped all my pregnancy weight plus about 5 extra kilos within one week of giving birth, so I'm fitting into frocks that haven't fit for a while. This green vintage cotton dress is an Australian brand,  David Jones. It has button straps which are perfect for breastfeeding. I made the cotton bolero last summer out of a sheet I slept on as a kid. The brooch is made by me too so this is a typical combo of vintage & handmade items. Tobias's outfit is a Bonds suit gifted by one of my closest friends. I think green suits him too! Anyway I hope I'll be back to posting more soon. I miss reading your blogs & blogging! But it's a higher priority to look after Tobias & myself at this crazy, exhausting, challenging, yet wonderful time. 

Our boy! At 4 weeks old

Outfit Details.....

Vintage David Jones cotton frock - From a Brisbane vintage fair about 4 years ago
Vintage sheet bolero - Handmade by me without a pattern & all
Handmade brooch - Made by me from vintage fabric & an embroidery hoop & a tin brooch
Assortment of vintage bangles including some bakelite - Etsy, Ebay & op shopped
Wooden ring - Finders Keepers market
Plastic beaded bag - Another Brisbane vintage fair
Yellow sandals - Kids shoes on sale

I'm linking up to my fellow vintage loving gal pal Trudie's new Friday link up party called Shine Unique. You can find out more about it on the amazing blog My Vintage Childhood.

"Shine Unique is a weekly fashion and style link up, which is a fun, supportive link up for those who:
                  Wear vintage, thrifted, upcycled, handmade fashion and bargain/sale (retail) fashion.
Or.....Are wanting to breakout and find their inner unique fashion and style through a combination of the above sources. Here you will find a supportive community ready to encourage and support you, so you can let yourself SHINE UNIQUE."


  1. You look fab. Tobias is divine. Well done you for frocking up at all! I remember the first weeks as being an absolute haze.

  2. You look beautiful. You ARE beautiful! And so is little Tobias. Congratulations and take care x
    p.s. I lived in track-dacks and my husbands t.shirts for the first year(s!) of my daughters lives!

  3. Congratulations on your little boy. That's a great family picture. Just remember to rest when the little guy is resting.

  4. I love the way he is looking at you. He knows he has an amazing creative kind mama. Congratulations to you and the Captain. Tobias is beautiful.

  5. Congratulations I am so HAPPY for you, he is perfect.

  6. oh oh oh you look so happy! your bolero is amazing....i need one! your son is the cutest! well done for getting frocked up! xoxox

  7. What a gorgeous family! Both Tobias and you look fabulous! xxx

  8. Oh what a beautiful family! I wanna hop over there and smell that wonderful new baby smell!!

  9. Well done! Getting frocked up this early is a definite achievement. It does get easier though! (Although I'm still mostly in the daggy gear myself at almost one year.)

  10. Oh honey look at you. Yes it's a crazy time these newborn days and it is tiring, you are looking wonderful and happy. How can you not with such a sweet wee soul in your arms to love and cherish. The dress looks wonderful and fresh on you. Of course green looks good Tobais. Thank you for finding the time to link up, as I know how much of a juggle things would be at present. All my love. x

  11. So much love for Mama in baby's eyes!!!



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