Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Vintage Baby Bean Preparations

I can't quite believe our Baby Bean is going to be in our arms within the next couple of weeks! 
I have so many emotions running through my head. Still utter amazement that we've made it this far, when there were so many odds against it. I am in awe of the love that I feel for this little wriggly being in my belly. Although those kicks are uncomfortable now, they are reassuring. 
It feels strange standing on this side of the abyss of parenthood, knowing everything is about to change, yet not quite understanding how. After 21 years of it just being the Captain & me, I can't imagine there being someone else with us all the time. It's exciting and absolutely daunting all at once. I kind of wish babies came with the ability to zip them back up in your tummy when it all gets too much! I have no idea of what it's going to feel like to hold my own flesh and blood in my arms....I guess I'll soon find out.

Here's some pics of Bean's room. Most of which has been bought secondhand or passed onto us. 

A hand me down bassinet for those early weeks

A second hand cot, along with vintage linen

Vintage pretties on the wall

Renting our unit/apartment means the bed had to stay due to space restrictions. At least I can recline here when I need to. The dolly is one of my beloved childhood toys.

The made over change table drawers with vintage wallpaper. 


  1. Clearly this child will be loved and loved and loved some more. What an exciting time for you both.

  2. So exciting! Such a lucky little bean. Everything looks so cute and organized. When my little Babe arrived all those years ago she had to sleep in a bureau drawer while my husband put the crib together. We were NOT prepared. Best wishes!

  3. And now bean is home in that super cute vintage space!! Everything looks so perfect and you guys will be awesome parents. I hope you will share some of your new life with bean with us - take care xo


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