Friday, 25 September 2015

Mississippi moon won't you keep on shining

I almost didn't buy this handmade dress at one of my local op shops. It was a weird mid-calf length and kind of shapeless on me. But I had a feeling it would look alright if the hem was raised, and that would give me some extra fabric to make a tie belt. Now I love it. It's so comfy in a light stretch poly fabric, and it's been so wearable during pregnancy.
The brown leather bag was a gift from a friend who volunteers at a local church op shop. She figured it was my kind of thing so she delivered it to my door. It's a gorgeous cosmetic case with pockets inside. Thank you Leslie for thinking of me!

36 week Bean belly! 2 to go!

 Weirdly this little jacket showed up really light in the pics. It's actually more teal like the tights.

Outfit Details......

Handmade vintage dress - Op shopped & altered by me
Teal 3/4 jacket - Op shopped & shortened by me
Vintage bling star brooch - A birthday gift from my bestie Miss J
Little frame pendant - Made by me
Sarah Coventry brown ring - Op shopped
Embroidery hoop bird brooch on jacket - Made by me
(I AM getting rather crafty aren't I?!)
Leather beauty case - Gifted by a friend
Brown sandals - Op shopped @ Endos
Tights & sunglasses - Retail


  1. The print is amazing, you seem to always find the very best ones! Funny with a little hem change will do for a dress. I hemmed up an embroidered Mexican dress that I was swimming in before, but now looks totally cute! Hubby told me it looked like a MuuMuu before I changed it...he liked it after. :o)


  2. Such amazing fabric - I'm glad you didn't leave this one behind!!

  3. I love all your vintage outfits, you have great style! :)

  4. Love it Hun. I'm glad too you didn't leave it behind and saw its potential. It's so wonderful that you've taken to the sewing machine, because it just gives you so much more flexibility with change things up and making them just right. Love the shoes and the bag is a treat too. Thank you once again for joining the Shune Unique link up, I hope you'll continue to do so. Big love honey.


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