Friday, 4 September 2015

I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart

I'm a bit annoyed that I've had this smock dress tucked away in my wardrobe & have forgotten to wear it till now. I'm not sure it's going to fit over my basketball belly for much longer! I bought it at an op shop up the coast last year sometime. I like teaming navy & white frocks with the flannelette coat/dress that I bought in Christchurch on a shopping date with Helga a couple of years ago. 
Speaking of New Zealand, we'd normally be there right now, as we have been for the past 6 years in a row. It's just as well we decided to go in a different season this year otherwise we would have been cancelling the trip due to our impending arrival mid September. As excited as we are about our Baby Bean finally joining us, I'm missing my beloved New Zealand right now too. 

 33 weeks down!

Outfit Details....

Vintage frock - Op shopped
Vintage coat/dress - Op shopped in Christchurch NZ
Enamel brooch - Ebay
Button ring - Made by me
Tapemeasure bangles - Mrs Robinson's in NZ
Rex handbag - Op shopped in Mosgiel NZ
Vintage shoes - Op shopped @ Salvos
Tights & sunglasses - Retail

Gratuitous Captain shot


  1. Maybe you'll get a bit more wear out of this dress during the "getting back to normal size" stage. After my first baby, I had to buy quite a few new clothes during that stage. On baby #2, I had learned to buy loose dresses during pregnancy that worked after just as well after.


  2. Fantastic frock and coat - not long now! xxx

  3. Luscious pin- and YOU look soooo amazing! GOOD LUCK!- keep us posted!

  4. So I'm behind as usual and I know baby bean is already here!! But just wanted to say I LOVE that coat and this outfit is super cute xo


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