Monday, 3 August 2015

Vintage Baby Bean Shower

For years I've gone to baby showers, endured the silly games and all that (okay I'm not a bit party games person!). I never imagined I'd one day have my own. I just wanted a nice relaxing morning with my closest friends, without any games or fussy stuff. Just some delicious treats and good company celebrating our little miracle Bean. My dearest friend Miss J opened her home for the occasion, we all know I love hanging at her place. Miss J has vintage quirky style happening in droves. My clever cousin made all sorts of delectable high tea treats. We had a lovely morning, it was everything I'd hoped for, & Bean was spoilt with lots of nice baby gear. Here are a few pics of the day.....

I wore a vintage handmade dress and a $1 vintage dress/jacket over the top. Made by me embroidery hoop brooch and genuine 1960's shoes

Yes that's a vintage mannequins hand on my belly....bit of a personal joke!

My dear Mum & Bean's Nana

Bean's Nana and Aunty

The host Miss J

Gift opening time and some of my dear friends below

I don't expect I'll be attending many more baby showers at my age, as most of my friends have well & truly finished having babies.
But it was wonderful to celebrate our Vintage Baby Bean's impending arrival.
Thank you to all those who were a part of it. I love you all! Xx


  1. Having hosted a Tea for my sister's Bridal Shower, I can say I really enjoy this type of Shower better than the silly games kind. :o)

    PS: My nephew arrived 7 weeks early and I don't have his quilt finished! Tell your little bean to not get any ideas. :o)


  2. aahhhhow wonderful :-) it all looks lovely, dee xx

  3. Looks like an awesome shower for sure!!!

  4. Awww...this is a lovely post - this is a perfect baby shower, everything is so vintage and beautiful! Also I can't stand those baby shower games either!!


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