Friday, 17 July 2015

Lime on my mind

Hello readers! Sorry my posts are few and far between! This growing a baby thing is a full time job. This 1960's house dress belonged to my dear friend Miss J, and she graciously passed it onto me knowing how much I love it. It's not only the green with a hint of orange that I like, but the zip front and side pockets. It's a perfect smock shape for my growing Bean baby, and I paired it with a $4 grey top from K-Mart.


26 week Bean belly, I'm now 30 weeks so it's gettin BIG now, I'm behind in my posts!

Outfit Details......

60's cotton dress - Gift from Miss J who bought it at a vintage fair
Orange vintage pendant - Op shopped
2 brooches in disguise - Hoop brooch from Etsy and made by me wallpaper bird brooch
Old plastic bangles - Op shopped
2 vintage rings - Op shopped
Vintage bag - A vintage shop in Waimate New Zealand
Boots, tights, top and sunglasses - Retail


  1. Looking gorgeous Wow 30 weeks its going quickly properly not for you but it seems it to me :-) dee xx

  2. The perfect maternity dress - you look fab! Love that bag too, and of course you always have wonderful jewellery. xxx

  3. I just love your bag!!! I have a bowling bag that I bought with the intention of using as an overnight year later and I have yet to use it! Shame, shame. My excuse though is that I need to remove the musty smell before carrying my clothes around in it.



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