Friday, 8 May 2015

Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

I found this handmade dress at a Lifeline store up the coast one weekend. I immediately fell in love with the fabric, a mid-weight polyester with stretch, but the waist sat a bit low on me. Seeing as it didn't have a zipper I figured I could alter it by taking it apart at the waist, raising the waistline, and sewing it back together. It was fairly easy, and now sits at my natural waist. I thought I'd better get some pics of it before my belly gets too big to wear it.

The 19 week Beanie belly

I'm feeling lots of kicks now which is wonderful, and the Captain loves feeling it too. 
Makes it all feel more real. I'm having constant pain because my back and torso muscles are so weak from so many years of being bedridden and horizontal. And I'm only half way there. The challenges of pregnancy on top of my illness are beginning to emerge, but no doubt it's all worth it in the end!


Outfit Details.....

Handmade vintage dress - Lifeline
Vintage belt - from another frock
Wooden bird brooch - Made by me
Old pink bling brooch - from the Captains Mum
2 carved bangles - Op shopped
Green beaded bag - Mid Mod Oz at the WAC
Ring, sunglasses and kids shoes - Retail

I wanted to say a big happy birthday to my amazing Mum. I'm so blessed to have a mum I look up to and adore, and who is one of my best friends. She's pretty special!
Love you Mum!


  1. wow that dress is lovely! The fabric is just so cheery! Love the outfit you've put together here x

  2. Gorgeous dress, I'm glad you could alter it for a better fit, it's too good not to wear it!
    I hope you stay well for the rest of the pregnancy, Leisa - it can be a challenge for any of us, so in addition to your existing health issues, it must be tough. I'm wishing you well and sending love! xxxx

  3. oh look at that belly grow! You're the queen of DIY vintage maternity already!

  4. Gorgeous dress, I'm glad you were able to alter it to fit - clearly it was worth it.
    My goodness - that IS a real baby in there. I wish you well also. It will be worth it.

  5. That dress is beautiful on you, I love the sleeves and contrasting trim. Well done for altering it so well. I find alterations trickier than making something from scratch. xxx

  6. What a lovely frock - the trim is awesome. I may sew from scratch, but I'm always amazed at the alterations you do. I just never "get around" to my alterations.


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