Friday, 29 May 2015

Put a bird on it

I found this polished cotton shift dress at my local nursing home op shop. It's handmade and feels like it's never been worn. The fabric is so lovely with flowers and birds. It was very boxy to start with so I've added some darts at the bust and down the back to give it a more flattering fit.


The bump a few weeks back

Outfit Details.....

Cotton shift dress and cardigan - Op shopped
Green bling brooch - Op shopped
Bird necklace - Gift from Mum
Beaded ring - from Queenstown NZ
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinsons @ Tarras NZ
Patchwork toaster cover converted into a bag - Gift from Miss J
Kids shoes and sunglasses - Retail

Here's a clip from Portlandia called "Put a bird on it"


  1. Gorgeous frock, nursing home op-shops have the best stuff I believe. I think it is because when residents are downsizing into the home, the op-shop is the recipient of the contents/treasures of the house.

    You are looking really happy & healthy, is everything going well? (Sorry for being nosy, but I am in awe of your ability to look fabulous when you are feeling poorly and I was wondering how The Bump has been treating you)

  2. You look gorgeous :-) Good to see and hear things are progressing well for you. Take care lovely, dee xx

  3. That print is just the prettiest!!! And thanks for the laugh over that video! :o)


  4. See? With your new-found sewing skills, you can transform any dress into a beautifully fitting piece of clothing! Love that print. xxx

  5. Popped over from Curtise's blog to say hello and how nice you look in your gorgeous outfit.
    I've got a lovely lady who alters my frocks, I'm just waiting for some crimplene scooter dresses she took last week, then all I'll need is the sunshine
    Lynn x


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