Sunday, 17 May 2015

Paint by numbers

This handmade dress is perfect for a growing baby bump. I bought it for about $6 at an op shop a year or more ago. It's made of that unusual silky printed fabric that kind of looks like a painting.
I made the wooden cotton reel necklace after feeling inspired by Taz's crafty efforts.
I can't believe I've gone all crafty on you. Never thought I'd be that girl!

The 20 week Bean bump

Outfit Details....

Handmade vintage frock - Op shopped
Cotton reel necklace - Made by me
NZ wooden rimu brooch - I feel Natty
Silver Siam brooch - $3 @ Salvos
Old bling brooch - Gift from Mum
Vintage AAI charm bracelet - Garage Sale
Turquoise ring - Madam Butterflies in Christchurch NZ
Tooled bag - Op shopped
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail


  1. oh this dress is just gorgeous!! It reminds me of prints I remember seeing as a child.

  2. I am swooning over this dress as I make a mad dash for my wooden spool collection (swooning and dashing don't go very well together)! I need to make a necklace ASAP! :o)


  3. You look gorgeous in this dress, it's so pretty xx

  4. That dress is a beauty and so are you in it! x

  5. That is a stunning frock!! I love it - also so happy to have you in the crafty girl club (I've been here for a long time!)

  6. Gorgeous dress! The print is wonderful and the cut is dreamy, plus Little Bean fits it too. Perfect. Great idea for a necklace.

  7. I just love finding handmade clothing in opshops! It's so beautiful, looks lovely with that gorgeous bag too.


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