Friday, 17 April 2015

Lunch in a Brunch Coat

I picked up this crisp cotton brunch coat in the sleepwear section of Vinnies for $2. Someone had obviously donated a few brunch coats & the looked like they've never been worn before. The colours of this one grabbed me, but it had short sleeves that were really tight, so I performed minor surgery & whipped them off.

Outfit Details.....

60's Summer Dressing Gown - Op shopped @ Vinnies
Vintage wallpaper bird brooch - Made by me
Green enamel brooch - Instagram sale
Pink bling brooch - Op shopped @ Salvos
2 vintage bracelets - Op shopped
Button ring - Made by me
Fabric belt - From a dress made by Taz
Beaded bag - Bought at a vintage fair
Shoes - Kids shoes on sale
Sunglasses - Retail

And the dress before with sleeves


  1. What a wonderfully zesty outfit, you look fabulous Leisa. I removed the sleeves from a dress because they were too tight, better to make something wearable than to never give it the light of day xxx

  2. I was about to ask what on earth a brunch coat is, but from the penultimate photo, I can see - it's what Brits would call a house coat! Great print, and a nice job on the de-sleeving! xxx

  3. So bright, so wonderful!! And I totally squealed over those shoes!!!!!!! LOVE!!!!


  4. Great colours on you Leisa, lovely and bright.

  5. I've never heard of a brunch coat, I think we call those smocks. Whatever it is, great transformation!

  6. Your dress with your bag and lovely shoes makes me googly-eyed in the best possible way. Magnificent surgery on the sleeves. This fits you like a glove.
    I think we'd call it loungewear or a housecoat here. By any name, it's wonderful. Good eye to spot it and envision its new life.

  7. I've never heard of a brunch coat before! But I guess its like a summer dressing gown, house coat? This one is far too lovely to ONLY be in the house. Glad to see you've given it a new life :)


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