Sunday, 8 March 2015

Retro to Deco Fair

I had intended on getting this post out on Friday, but with things being topsy turvy around here it didn't happen. Anyway this post is about Brisbane's very first Everything Deco to Retro Fair which is run by our blogging pal Celia of Kitty's Vintage Kitsch. It's great to have another vintage fair in Brisbane, as so many over the years seem to have disappeared. I have to admit I don't go to these things with an intention on buying things (I'm not much help to my seller mates!), I have so much already so it would have to be something really special or something really cheap for me to make a purchase. There was a wonderful range of collectibles for all tastes, and the Captain and I had fun checking it out with my bestie Miss J and her hubby. Being a hot summer day a cotton frock was in order, this one has a zip front and is from the 60's.

My favourite thing about vintage fairs is catching up and squeezing vintage loving friends.
It was a treat to meet Millie of The pin up life for the very first time in the flesh.

My best girl of 25+ years Miss J

And the lady of the weekend Miss Celia

I didn't take many pics of the fair itself but here are a few.....

Love the Captains happy face

And onto the outfit

Outfit Details....

60's Dress - Bought at the WAC
Fabric belt - Made by me
2 enamel flower brooches - Instagram sale
Deer brooch - Gifted by Queen Helga
Bakelite bangles - Ebay and op shopped
Button ring - Made by me
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Vintage Seiko watch - Garage sale
Shoes - Retail


  1. An orange floral print on a vintage frock? Doesn't get much better than that! I like to have a wander and admire the wares at fairs and markets, even if I don't buy.
    Sorry to hear about your sister's fella's accident, that sounds scary. Hope he makes a full recovery soon. xxx

  2. Very sorry to hear about your Sister's Fella's accident, hope things are improving.

    Lovely to see you and your friends at the Retro to Deco fair with extra photos too!


  3. Vintage DEER girl! I just love all these pretty vintage dresses on you and your friends. Best of luck to your sister's husband on a good recovery. Life, it does throw us around, doesn't it?

  4. Argh! A fair of my dreams! So wish I'd been there, especially when there are such babes to cosey on up to!
    I do hope your sisters hubby recovers smoothly and completely.

  5. You are the queen of accessorizing!

  6. Ohmygosh! That big Orange collar makes me so happy!

    Sorry to hear of your family emergency! Glad he is out of danger!


  7. What a gorgeous frock, I love it! Good to see you and The Captain out and about and having a fab time.
    So sorry to hear about your sister's man, sending lots of good thoughts for a speedy recovery. xxx

  8. I was really sorry to hear about your sisters husband but its good to hear he is now off life support. I hope his recovery is swift and smooth for you all. Loving your outfit you look gorgeous and I love your bag :-) The fair looks fab and its lovely to celia :-) dee xx

  9. I reckon my Mum had a frock with that print. If I looked closely on one of the myriad quilts she has made I might even be able to find a scrap of the fabric (repurposed into a quilt square!). You look fab in it, as always.

    I hope life has run out of spanners to throw at you.

  10. This looks like a lovely day out with lovely friends - I have to admit, I often don't buy much at this kinds of things either (but occasionally they are so good I find things I MUST have). I love this orange frock on you xox PS Eventually I will catch up on all your posts, I've fallen so far behind!


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