Friday, 27 February 2015

Take me away

Hello dear blog friends! Although it's only been two weeks since I last blogged, it feels like much longer because we had been away for a couple of weeks at the beach for our summer holiday, so my posts at the time were scheduled. But since returning home I just didn't feel much like blogging with so many other things to catch up on, as well as being in a bit of a shaky patch with my neuro/immune illness. I find this time of year rather uninspiring vintage wardrobe wise, as it feels like summer has dragged on for eons, and I feel sick of wearing cotton dresses all the time! Plus the op shops I frequent haven't had much in the way of 60's and 70's clothing that I love, so I haven't visited them very much. 

But here is a 60's dress I found at a local market. It was originally huge on me, and not even a belt would solve that, but thanks to my new found passion for my Elna I knew I could tweak it to fit. This dress originally had vertical side stripe panels, so I cut those out (and made a belt), and sewed up the dress down each side. It's gone from a modern 18 to a 12, and I had to add some ric-rac for that extra flair. Green and orange is my all time favourite colour combination, so this dress was worth the effort. I teamed it with the little vintage sheet bolero I sewed free-style without a pattern.

 We adopted this little original 60's dolly from a Salvos store (who has been christened Paige)
She is quite photogenic in my opinion. I wish I had eyes like that!


Outfit Details.....

60's Dress - Market find
Vintage sheet bolero - Made by me
Orange enamel flower brooch - Gifted by one of my dear friends
Bakelite bangles - Ebay
Vintage tourist bracelet - Op shopped
Button ring and bird brooch - Made by me
Beaded bag - Op shopped
Shoes and sunglasses - Retail


  1. The ric rac was a nice touch. Great outfit. Huge birds. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. My mother-in-law brought back one of those Jerusalem bags for did not hold up well at all. :o( But on to happier things...Your dress! It is THE happiest dress ever!!! Orange and Green oh yes! And oh how I love, love, love florals with stripes.


  3. Great dress and awesome job on the freestyle bolero. I have an old green Elna, which I ADORE, but alas, she smokes when I turn her on, so I just admire her on the shelf. I love the photo of you with the doll, so surreal, and the one with your True Love. It's funny how you are pining for an ease in summer and I pine for summer to get here. We're both in states of transition I suppose. I hope your flare-up calms down soon.

  4. I love Bradley doll, they've got a naughty glint in their eyes.
    You did a great job on that dress, the colours are lovely! The murals are fab, too.
    Very envious of that beach. It'll be months before I see one again! xxx

  5. Nice job on the dress (and the bolero!) and those giant bird photos are great, love the mismatch of scale there. Hope you find more spoons.

  6. Orange and green,a floral print and ric rac? What's not to love?! Nice job taking the dress in, it looks great, and those enormous bird paintings are fabulous. Hope you feel better soon, Leisa. xxx

  7. What is there not for me to love about this dress? You know it ticks all my boxes with my favourite colour combination also, pockets, ric-rac......goodness it's perfect and I love it. I'm sorry your having a rough time with your health, I hope things settle for you soon. Paige is most wonderful does she go on all little adventures with you now? I want a dolly.

  8. You've become such a good seamstress! Beautiful dress and bolero! And I love your little side kick, especially on Instagram. Those photos with the birds are wonderful. Gosh, Leisa, I hope you feel better. It's crummy to feel crummy.

  9. That beaded bag is rocking my world! You look so cute as always!

  10. I love this dress! Oh and the details for my handmade dress swap are on my blog! Xx


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