Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Scandinavian Stuff

It's funny how other bloggers collections end up influencing your own. I would not have even known about Scandinavian home-wares without reading blogs involving those famous names like Catherinholm, Finel and Figgjo. So a couple of recent finds were quite exciting, especially knowing their rarity here in Australia.
Firstly I found this large Finel enamel bowl at the tip shop for $1.
It was made in the 1960's, designed by Ester Tomula and Kaj Franck.
Finel is a trademark that sold enamel metal items such as bowls and pots in the early 1950s. At first the designs had to be bought from abroad but soon Wärtsilä’s subsidiary company Arabia assigned well known designers to make new models. Designers such as Seppo Mallat (pots and pans), Antti Nurmesniemi ( the Pehtoori coffee pot), Heikki Orvola ( a water kettle) and most famously Kaj Franck designed practical, durable and beautiful home-wares by applying a strong glass like cover to cast iron goods. Kaj Franck would come to win awards in Milan for his enamel line of different sized bowls. The bowls seem to fetch anywhere from $50 up to hundreds depending on the condition and design.

My second Scandinavian find was this platter and mug by Norwegian porcelain company Figgjo Flint which I found at Endos.
Vintage Figgjo Flint is one of the most collected brands of tableware from the 1960s and 70s. Their bold, happy designs included large bright flowers, fish, folk art and abstract imagery. You can quickly spot a piece of Figgjo Flint by the backstamps FF, Figgjo Fajanse and Figgjo Flint. Market Place is the design I found, it features Folk Art style people such as a fisherman, florist and grocer selling their wares in a village setting. It also happens to feature the colour green so that pleases me even more.

I think from now on my eyes will be peeled for any Scandinavian kitchenware.


  1. Those are lovely pieces I to wasn't aware of Scandinavian designs until I was looking on etsy the other day and I found this gorgeous shop and the patterns and designs and variety of her stock was amazing and so bright, fun and colourful. You have to adore the 60's and 70's alone just for there designs and colours :-) dee xx

  2. Oh yes it's quite a treat to pick up a piece isn't it? Over a year ago I found a Kristen a decor Annemarie square butter box which is rare as the majority of butter boxes you see are rectangle.

  3. Fantastic finds; I love Scandinavian designs, they're so cool. I see a new collection on the horizon, Leisa...!

  4. So beautiful. I am a total Scandinavian-ophile. I can't wait to see what else you find.

  5. I love Scandanavian design and your pieces are lovely. My paternal grandparents were Scandanavian :)

  6. I know I won't remember and can't pronounce their names however I'll remember how the pattern looks if I run across anything like that here in Missouri USA
    It definitely has the 1970's era look

  7. They are lovely! I had no clue of their origin, but now that you've shared I'll have my eyes open. :o)


  8. My mum has a jug to match the green Figgjo Flint pieces you have there. She knows that I want it one day when they downsize! Actually I had no idea of the designer's name, thanks for the education!


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