Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tip shop treasures

Towards the end of last year I rediscovered our local tip shop. Ever since our landlords re-vamped our courtyard with a pergola and new plants recently I've been a bit obsessed with garden stuff. So when I spotted this old metal outdoor chair with the original vinyl cushions my heart skipped a beat....and when I asked the tip shop man how much for the chair he said $2. Okay with me! It goes perfectly with my other old metal stuff.

I also scored this huge anodized pot for $2. At one stage I had a lovely green one on the original stand that belonged to my Nana, but for some reason I gave it back to my folks when they moved, and much to my dismay I found out my Dad had chucked it out because it blew over in the wind.
Boo it was such a lovely old pot!

The coloured pot stand is from KMart and the white metal table is from Salvos, along with a $5 herb planter from Bunnings

Another tip shop find was this old concrete planter (above) for $1. I love the art deco styling.
Below is a macrame pot holder that my friend Miss J gave me for Christmas, along with some bunting that was made by Caroline of Sebelle

This bird cage stand was from the tip shop for $2. I know have 3 out there. As well as liking birds I do like old bird cage stands!

Another tip shop bird cage stand with a vintage lantern


  1. What a pretty back yard. I do love that chair. It's very granny chic.

  2. What a lovely yard you have! Very nice pot plants and what a gorgeous chair!

  3. Wow love the chair and the seat covers are so pretty I do like a splash of yellow. Your garden is lovely I love the tiles and the pots. Looks like a lovely relaxing area after a hard day of hunting our bargains :-) enjoy, dee xx

  4. OH! Warm, summery pics.... It has been sooo long since we've seen the sun, I DO miss my shadow.
    You know how I adore birdcages / stands - and you've given me some ideas for my two Xtra stands!!! WONDERFUL COURTYARD, indeed!!

  5. Oh gosh! I just want to lounge around in your wonderful back yard sipping on tea!


  6. There's a whole new realm of vintage goodness when it comes to outdoor décor isn't there.
    The outdoor chair is stunning. I'm loving the local tip shop here, some real treasure at bargain prices.

  7. I love that you've shown us this area. Loving the chair and it's original vinyl it reminds me of the outdoor sun lounge my parents had in a similar print. Alas they no longer have it.

  8. tip shops are the best! Love the chair and those lovely bird cages - oh so sweet x

  9. Your patio looks gorgeous, Leisa - hurray for bird cages, vintage garden furniture, and pretty pots! Oh, and the tip shop sounds fab! xxx

  10. Your patio space is looking mighty cute :-) I have the same problem with bird cages, they are just so fabulous I always grab them when I find them cheaply. Some fantastic finds x

  11. Such a lovely outside space :)

  12. Pretty pretty! I can't wait to have a yard of my own to decorate!


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