Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Thrifty Kitschy

I have a love of old kitsch stuff. It can come in many shapes & forms, but I guess I'm particularly drawn to deers & birds, with a dash of squirrels & cats or some other cute animal. I don't like to limit myself!
Here are some of my kitschier finds of late, including this amazing cuckoo clock that I found for $5. It's a pretty big one, & although it's missing it's pendulum I still love it. (It's the 6th clock on my wall....I seem to have become a crazy clock woman!)

I couldn't refuse this sweet cat, although it may be missing a lid. I'm using her to store my makeup pencils.

A couple of teeny deer

This brooch was handmade by someone at a market

A little Octoberfest brooch with gorgeous detail for its size

Plastic swanny

And an odd set of faux wood/plastic squirrels?

And finally this kitschy cute wall bird which is hanging in our bedroom

When the kitsch gets a hold of you it's a hard itch to scratch!


  1. oohhh great finds I am loving the swan and the cat I have a few plastic swans of my own in my bathroom. Enjoy your new finds, dee xx

  2. The Wall Bird is WONDERFUL!! Is it made of chalkware / plaster? I have an entire 'border' on the walls of our 1/2 bath decorated with various chalware critters - and I've never seen this one!!

  3. Love that handmade brooch and the squirrels are insane! x

  4. Love it all - the kitschier the better, I reckon! The clock and the bluebird are fabulous. xx

  5. What's up withe the slave trade fox squirrels? Ha!!

  6. Terrific finds!!! But yeah, what's up with the squirrels in chains?

  7. I love the clock - we had something similar when I was a kid! However my Dad got sick of the cuckoo one night and latched the door so the cuckoo couldn't come out - after than it didn't work so well any more :P

  8. What brilliant kitschy finds. Love the swan and the cuckoo clock is magnificent! Xx

  9. Love it all! Kitschtastic clock and the bird plaque is fab.x

  10. Kitschy stuff is just the best! I would have struggled to not bring home all these things if I found them. The cuckoo clock is especially fantastic. I have the kitten cookie jar at home too- it was my Great grandmas. x


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