Friday, 16 January 2015

In the maze of my imagination

This is one of my favourite cotton frocks, I guess I have many a few favourites. I think it cost me $3, and it belonged to an elderly lady who never got rid of anything. She hoarded a lifetime of clothing. She made this one and it just happens to be a perfect fit on me. Don't you love it when that happens!

Outfit Details......

60's handmade dress - Op shopped
Enamel flower brooch - From my childhood
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinsons in NZ
Vintage button ring - Made by me
Crochet bag - Retro Metro
Shoes and sunglasses - Retail


  1. There's nothing quite like finding a handmade dress that fits perfectly - this one is lovely. Happy Friday :)

  2. That dress was just waiting to have another lifetime with you. You look adorable.

  3. oohhh would love to have seen her collections bless her :-) Love the dress you look beautiful, dee xx

  4. ...and you said you didn't have any enamel flowers.... ;-)
    Great Dress!!

  5. The dress is so pretty and I love it with that brooch on the collar!

  6. I really like the white details and the collar of the dress!

  7. I can see exactly why you love the dress, it looks so pretty on you! xxx

  8. I just love your brooch placement! The dress is adorable of course. :o)



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