Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cotton Cozzie & Other Finds

I saw this cotton swimsuit on a mannequin in a Red Cross op shop. I have a wee vintage swimsuit collection already, & I do wear them to the beach, but I don't have any original 50's cotton togs. I doubt these have ever been worn as they are in perfect condition. The shirring isn't stretched & the cotton is crisp & bright. They fit perfectly too thanks to that shirring & button straps. I don't know how practical cotton togs are to wear, but these were too special to leave behind.

My love of genie bottles started with one that belonged to my Nana.
I found this one for only 50cents

I was drawn to this colourful handmade container thingo. Someone has stored nails & screws in the butter containers & built a box to store them in. I love the old coloured plastic which I think is from the 1960's. I'm surprised it's survived as the plastic is quite delicate.

I had to add this square suitcase to my collection because of that lining

West German brand Emsa salt & pepper shakers

A little Diana Ware tulip vase

A sweet water jug from the 50's or 60's

That's all for now, although I have a backlog of finds to fact most of these are from last year!


  1. You must have the most incredible collection of vintag knick knacks. You always find the best stuff! And wha luck with that gorgeous cozzie!!

  2. You always find such cool things, Leisa! Loving the swimming cossie, the suitcase with its fabulous lining, and you know I find it hard to resist vintage glassware... xxx

  3. Swimwear from the 50's and 60's was meant to last so I'm not surprised that it's still in good condition. Very cute. I am so happy that you appreciate the beautiful forgotten things from the past.

  4. I love your bathers, Dixibells (I REALLY love your Dixibells!) and the lining of that case is pretty special too.

  5. oohhh great finds loving the orange salt and pepper post those are my Bertie Caravan colours :-) And that 50's jug the pattern is gorgeous on it. Loving the swimming costume to :-) I have been dying to write a blog post all week and share something just waiting for my shelf to go up tonight and then I can write a post tomorrow :-) enjoy your lovely finds, dee xx

  6. You 'had' me falling in love with the bright butter containers, but that suitcase is SWEET!!!!

  7. So many great finds - be interested to hear how those togs work out seen as they are cotton. I love that butter container storage thingo - great for your sewing bits! But my favourite HAS to be that water jug - how cool!

  8. Oh do please let us know how the cotton swimsuit behaves in the water. I have been wanting to sew one, but keep hesitating not knowing how it would feel, hang, and dry while wearing.


  9. Wow those swimmers are really something! Great find! And please may we have a picture when you wear them? See it as a community service ;) They will look so divine.


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