Friday, 31 October 2014

If you don't love me now, you will never love me again

Is anyone else finding that blog comments are much less then they used to be? Sometimes I wonder if anyone is actually reading anymore, although I've been kind of slack with my commenting on the blogs I follow too. Perhaps all the action is over at Instagram, where I tend to spend more time these days. Oh well I'll just keep on talking to myself in this visual diary of mine! So many of my favourite bloggers don't seem to be blogging anymore. I miss know who you are!

I would normally avoid wearing white like the plague, it just seems to wash me out, but for $1 I had to bring this 1960's cotton dress home from a garage sale. It had some stains, which I had high hopes of removing through multiple soaks, but they didn't budge. I was thinking the dress was destined for the scrap heap. The other issue was that it was at least two sizes too big. I did some alterations, taking it in along the side seams. I also cut the hem quite short in order to remove some of the offending stains. That left me with two stains to deal with. I had some fusing stuff so I used the dress offcuts to make a couple of patches, & fused them over the top of the stains. Although it's not perfect, it has made it wearable for day to day. I also made a belt with the removed hem. I love that this dress has green alongside the red, white and navy.

Outfit Details....

60's cotton dress - Garage sale
Matching belt - made by me
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Red brooch and bead necklace - Op shopped
Tape measure bangles and heart ring - From New Zealand
Crochet bag - Retro Metro
Shoes and Sunglasses - Retail

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Pink and Purple at the Powerhouse

After a 3 hour physio appointment the other day the Captain and I dropped into the Brisbane Powerhouse at New Farm Park. It's a gorgeous old building that offers an array of performing arts, visual arts, festivals, and free community events. It was built in 1927 as a power station supplying the trams. It was decommissioned in 1971 and re-opened as a modern entertainment hub in 2000.
Seeing as the day was hot I wore this handmade shift dress that I found at the Salvos in Queenstown for $3. I don't usually wear these colours, but I was rather drawn to that fabric.


Outfit Details....

60's shift dress - Salvos @ Queenstown 
Enamel flower brooch - Etsy
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinson's @ Tarras NZ
Enamel bird necklace - Gifted by the sweetest Squirrels
Polka-dot belt - From another op shopped frock
Vintage Seiko watch - $8 at a garage sale
Navy bag - 50cents at a garage sale
Pink deer ring, shoes & sunglasses - Retail

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Travel Post: Alps to the Ocean

Continuing on my New Zealand travel diary, we went to Mount Cook after Queenstown. It's our 3rd time staying there, I don't think I'll ever grow tired of this spectacular place.

On the highest sealed road in NZ....the Crown Range

The barren but beautiful Lindus Pass

We stopped for a quick look at the antique shop in Omarama, no purchases apart from an airline book for the Captain

After plenty of horizontal time the day & night before, we set out on an Argo tour. The reason we wanted to do the tour is because I am not able to do the usual tourist walk to view the Tasman Glacier. It's 20 minutes long which is beyond my physical capacity. The Argo 8 wheel all terrain vehicle takes you to an area that is closer to the glacier, only a 2 minute walk apparently. Well 2 minutes for someone of average fitness was a mammoth task for me. I had to take it so slowly as my legs are so weak when it comes to going uphill. I was swallowing down vomit most of the way from the exertion, with my dicky heart going haywire. But I made it, & got to see the view over the Tasman Lake & the glacier. Hard to say if it was worth the suffering I endured later on, but a huge achievement for me non the less.

The view from the top...the scale of this place is enormous

I did get to drive the Argo which was a treat

That's Mount Cook above, New Zealands highest peak

That's the Mueller Glacier lake

We stayed at a farm near Twizel. I didn't see anything of it due to being so ill, and when we left a thick fog had set in

We visited Waimate for the first time, & it exceeded my expectations as a town. There were multiple op shops and a few collectable shops

Including this one where I found a vinyl bag

We travel separately to my folks, yet we keep on meeting up in places like this!

The old derelict Arcadia Theatre is just divine, if only the cars didn't spoil the shot!

The main drag of Waimate

It was my second time in Temuka, and although its small the op shops didn't disappoint! 

You can spend AGES in Paws and Claws

The resident budgies that always make me smile

Temuka Treasures in the main street of town

And what did I buy?

This dark green New Zealand made 'Heritage' coat for $5
Paws and Claws Temuka

Some brown button boots from Timaru

This sweet trinket holder from a little shop in Waimate

As well as the green necklace and brooch

A Hermes tapestry bag, not the real Hermes, but a reproduction made in New Zealand in the late 60's early 70's - From Salvos in Temuka

A two tone vinyl-tastic bag from Waimate

Next stop is Mayfield and that vintage shop!