Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Op Shopped All Sorts

I haven't gotten to my nursing home oppy for ages, so I picked up a few things on my last visit.
Below is a steel necklace with orange in the middle which I've worn a lot already.

Blue beads obviously

Happy days....another crochet bag, this one is smaller then the other one I have

Some sweet green trim, still deciding what project to use it on

A large Pyrex casserole dish
With kitchen cupboard space at a premium, I have donated some other dishes to the op shops to make room for this one. Can't say I ever imagined I'd get excited by Pyrex!

Friday, 25 July 2014

I put on my green suede shoes

I picked up this handmade dress from an op shop a couple of weeks ago. It's a simple style but it's a nice comfy fit....and the green just happens to match my hoofy boots perfectly.

Outfit Details....

Handmade dress - Op shopped @ Lifeline
Green button necklace - Gifted by sweet Tam
Vintage porcelain ring - a vintage fair
Brooch & handmade bracelet - Op shopped
Toaster cover patchwork bag - Gift from Miss J
Cardi, tights, boots & sunnies - Retail

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Weekend Wanderlust

The Captain scored a long weekend off work so we went to our beloved Sunshine Coast for a short break. Of course there was coffee involved, as well as op shopping, and soaking up the winter sun on the beach. It's such a glorious time of year on our beaches. They seem more beautiful in winter somehow.

 I was given a gift voucher for the store Lamington for my birthday, so we popped in for a visit. 
LOVE that shop.

Salvage Design has moved to a more central location. They have some great mid-century pieces at reasonable prices. One thing the Sunshine Coast needs is more vintage shops.

Of course some things came home with me.
Including the blue circle whatchamacallit?
I knew it would be perfect for my deer doily

 Wooden earring from Lamington

 I always need another bird brooch

Sarah Coventry bling ring. Gee I love Sarah Cov stuff

Pattern obviously

A vibrant vintage sheet

 Birdie wall vase to add to my collection

A book from 1975 about sewing & craft

All in all it was a lovely weekend. 
I hope you're all having a good week so far.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Chop and Change

This vintage frock started life as a gigantic long sleeved maxi dress that I bought at the WAC. It sat languishing in my wardrobe, as it felt like too much frock. The other issue was the fact it's a size 20, which means it was several sizes too big. I decided to chop both the sleeves & the skirt, & I took it in at the torso as well. Now I like it so much more. I made a little scarf from the skirt offcuts too. Oh how I'm loving tweaking things on the sewing machine...my new obsession. I've got to admit I'm no fan of indoor photos, I am so much more comfortable hiding behind my sunglasses!

The dress pre chop

Outfit Details....

Vintage maxi altered by me - WAC clothing sale
Scarf made from frock offcuts
Orange enamel brooch - From my childhood
Orange bracelet & beaded bag - Op shopped
Ring, cardigan, boots & tights - Retail

My little scarf made from offcuts