Friday, 30 May 2014

Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy

It's been a whole week since I last posted. Those who connect with me on facebook would know it's been a bit of a rough week. But I had to share a Frock Friday from a couple of weeks ago. I bought this vintage cotton dress at last years Auckland Vintage & Textiles Fair, which lucky for me just happens to coincide with our usual holiday to New Zealand. It has a zip front & two pockets. I haven't worn it since last September, because it got too tight. But now it fits so I'd better make the most of it! 
Winter begins in 2 days time, but it's still SO warm here which is so annoying to a winter girl like me. We're still sleeping with a fan on at night, & it's been around 28 degrees each day. BOO! 
I do hope a cold change is just around the corner.

Outfit Details....

Cotton dress - Auckland vintage fair
Green scarf worn as tie, and crochet bag (of which I changed the handles) - Gifted from gorgeous vintage Mummy warrior Trudie
Enamel brooch - Cassies Corner at a market
Button ring - The Collective Store
Bakelite bangles - Ebay & op shopped
Belt, shoes & sunnies - Retail

Lets hope next week is a better one so I can spend a bit more time vertical rather then horizontal!

Friday, 23 May 2014

I'm wearing a John Wayne movie

I spied this incredible fabric on the dress up rack at one of my favourite op shops for $5. I tried it on & held my breath hoping it would fit, & it did....Just! I have taken out the side seams a little. It's been handmade to a high standard. It's still a bit fitted for my liking but the style is really lovely. I especially love the neckline & shoulder straps, but it's that fabric that steals the show!

A historic church that's been around since 1874

Outfit Details....

Homemade dress - Op shopped
Hand knitted cardigan - Op shopped
Enamel flower brooch - Cassies Corner at a market
Deer brooch, bracelet & rings - Op shopped
Tooled leather bag - Ebay
Shoes & sunnies - Retail

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Upper Class Hoarding

I went to a fantastic garage sale a couple of weeks ago. An older couple who had lived in an enormous modern house on the waterfront had passed on, so their kids were selling the contents of the house. What was surprising was their incredible collection of old stuff. They had so much stuff, from ornaments, huge 60's lamps, furniture, kitchen stuff, old linen that had never been used, and racks and racks of clothing. It was obvious to me this couple had style. The mans collection of clothing was enormous, with much of it never worn. The family were asking $2 a piece for suits, pants, frocks, tops, everything. 
So this was me being rather restrained....

3 dresses from the 60's

I found my first Salty & Peppy set

Super tacky swan vase with thermometer, that matches my cat & deer ones.

And the Captain scored well with 3 shirts and 1 knit. The polo shirt still has the tags. I was so surprised he could actually see the beauty in that green & brown shirt. 

I also got this kitchen herb set in the original holder.

I sometimes wonder who will be selling all my junk when I'm gone.
I highly doubt my nephews & nieces will be into my old stuff.
It'll probably all end up in a skip bin!
Won't really matter by that stage will it!

Friday, 16 May 2014

I've got one hand in my pocket

I've never worn either of these pieces before. I got the 60's shift dress at a tiny church run op shop for $3 back in Feb. It had strange inbuilt bra cups which I cut out. I wasn't sure if the colours were really me, but I do adore navy so I went for it. The jacket is a brushed cotton fabric from Christchurch in New Zealand. I bought it at an op shop with Queen Helga last year. It has two pockets and a tie waist. Ir could probably be worn as a dress if I could do up the buttons. I think the real reason I put this outfit together was because of my new granny shoes. I found them last week at Salvos for $4. Full leather & never worn before with a dainty heel. I know they aren't to everyone's taste being rather 80 year old lady style, but I love them.
Oh how I love being all matchy-matchy.

 Outfit Details.....

60's shift dress - Op shopped
Jacket/dress as jacket - Op shopped in New Zealand
Bath mat bag - Op shopped
Enamel brooch - Etsy
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinsons @ Tarras in New Zealand
Old rings - One from childhood & one from the WAC
Sunglasses & tights - Retail
Vintage shoes - Op shopped

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Duck Duck Green

The Captain & I had to go to the North side of Brissy for something. He was even keener then me to drop into some op shops along the way. Bless him! At Salvos I found this lovely wooden jewellery/music box with accordian fold out bits. It's got two engraved & painted ducks on the top. Made in Japan. It cost $8
I obviously need another jewellery storage thingy in my life.

At Endos I picked up this green vintage travel clock by the Japanese brand Tokyo Tokei. 
I didn't expect it would work for the tiny amount I paid, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear it tick away & keep good time.

My all time favourite Endos store at Paddington. They specialize in vintage clothing.
We call Endeavour stores Endos around here.

The downstairs vintage section

The bric-a-brac wall

And across the road the Vinnies store has had a revamp. Unfortunately so have the prices.

But I fell madly & deeply in LURVE with this green lounge suite. It has a matching 3 seater too. 
Not sure if vinyl would get kind of sticky in a Queensland summer.

A display outside of Endos

And my favourite buy in quite a while was these navy leather granny shoes. Old but never worn. 
I know kind of ugly, but oh so lovable in my eyes. Especially when I can't walk in a heel, this old lady heel is just right. I'll fit right in at the pharmacy now with the Nana's waiting for their prescriptions.
They were $4 at Salvos.

And I had an exciting little gift to open from my blog friend Trees. She's lucky to be a New Zealand girl, & knowing how much we love the place she sent me these gorgeous bird tourist spoons.
They tick all the boxes....old, birds, and my beloved NZ.

Thank you lovely Trees. 
Fingers crossed we get to have a play date on our upcoming NZ trip. Xx