Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Travel Post: Auckland Time

I'm finally at the end of my New Zealand trip posts. We had a week in Auckland staying with the Captain's sister and her family. It's a busy time now that they have 2 wee ones who enjoy the attention of their Uncle and Aunty. So among family time we try to squeeze in visits to our favourite places, and some new to us adventures too.

Cornwall Park is so gorgeous....I love the free roaming lambs 

There's a wittle rabbit

Op shopped boots

Hooray for K-Road

We took a trip to Paeroa, the home of delicious L&P

A picturesque spot near Morrinsville

The Skytower

Viva La Vintage in Devonport 

Cold + grey = my happy weather

Some of my finds along the way....

Bird in top hat
Map earrings

Carved bangles 
Huge scarf

I SO wanted to find a spectacles case in NZ. I've never found one yet in Australia.
Yay to finding this beaded beauty

$3 unworn sandals

Square dance dress that you've seen on Frock Friday
From a shop on K Road

Turquoise and yellow dress from Paeroa

Sad but satisfied on the way back home

I've got to admit we are planning our next one AGAIN....we're hoping to be back in May next year.


  1. That's my specs case - mine's pink and lime green!
    Bet you're counting the days already! xxx

  2. Bunny!
    Your coat is rather nice and I love your photos, the lambs are adorable and I love the train line xxx

  3. Ooh that airline bag -- "jetways to your dreamland" is such a lovely evocative phrase. Love a good roadside attraction, too.

  4. Lovely photo's your trip away looks wonderful no wonder your already planning to go away again :-) Great finds to, dee x

  5. Is that an abandoned railway? Looks interesting. Love the beaded glasses case x

  6. I love the colors you put together in your going home outfit!!!


  7. So much win in one post! Where do I start? The lambs, the bunny, the button booties, the map earrings, the square dance dress = WIN!!

  8. O, it's been YEARS since I've been to K Road, and you are whetting my appetite! A friend moved up there, so we have a very good excuse to get our butts up there as soon as G can walk decent distances!
    You scored so much good loot throughout our little country!!!

  9. Seriously its time for you guys to move here now ok? It looks like you had a blast around the North Island as well. I really want to check out that place in Devonport! Turns out I'm in Auckland for about a week after Christmas - I wonder if it will be open...hummm....


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