Tuesday, 30 December 2014

I've Caught the Crafty Bug

I suppose this will be my final post for 2014. I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas time as we did. I follow lots of lovely bloggers with amazing crafty skills, from sewing to crochet, making accessories, quilts, and all manor of things. Those bloggers inspire me. I didn't ever think I'd be that girl that gets a kick out of making things, but it seems I have indeed caught the crafty bug.
Here are a few of my recent creations....

Vintage tape measure and old teaspoon brooch 

Some mini embroidery hoop brooches, which could be worn as pendants too

Onto sewing....a bolero that I winged from my favourite sheet without a pattern

My sheet dress from a 60's Simplicity pattern

My first sewing attempt with a childhood sheet....maybe that is where my love of green came from?

Another bolero

And another dress from the Simplicity pattern, this time with double ric-rac

And a few crafty purchases including this pretty doily

An old Woolworths tin full of old buttons

I made a wall hanging out of an old pillowcase and a thrifted embroidery hoop

My Mum passed her original pinking shears onto me, and I'm using them lots

I also found this handmade single quilt at an op shop for $2

Some thrifted fabric for a future project

Although I'm not the most refined crafter, I try to remind myself that even experts were beginners at some stage. Do you enjoy making things too?
See you on the flip side of 2015!


  1. Being crafty can be rather addictive and you've made some fab things!
    I've always liked making things but I have yet to master any one discipline.
    I hope you have a wonderful new year Leisa xxx

  2. Those are pretty cool -- that addition of the spoon to the tape measure brooch is brilliant. I love assemblage/found object jewellery, it's often so interesting and unique. (In fact, I made some assemblage/found object brooches for my mum's christmas pressie but I forgot to photograph them before I gave them to her, so I can't blog about them yet!)

    I love the eccentric lettering on that pinking shears box, too, look at that quirky K!

  3. Sewing without a pattern!! That's Big Time!! Love your crafty stuff. Keep that Rick rack coming!

  4. You're so talented! I love your "winging it" boleros and your tapestry hoop brooches. If you can make things as pretty as that when you've only just started I can't wait to see what you come up with in 2015! x

  5. You have been stitching up a storm Ms VBG - those frocks you whipped up are gorgeous!
    I have been busy at my old Janome too. So far two pairs of shorts in vintage op-shopped batik for my husband (which he is WEARING!!!) and a frock (pattern cut out - off to Spotlight this morning for fabric) for me.
    All the best for 2015 - I hope it's a happy and healthy one for you and the people you love x

    1. p.s. thanks for tip on upside down photos ;)

  6. The tapestry hoops brooches really make me want to try my hand at that myself! :o) I like the idea of using one as a pendant. ALL your dresses are fantastic!!!! The double ric-rac was brilliant!


  7. I join the chorus, you are so talented! These are all wonderful creations. I too love the idea of the hoop brooch. And I have a soft spot for pinking shears. Happy New Year.

  8. wonderful projects! I can't wait to see what you'll do in 2015!

  9. That's it now, Leisa, you are a SEWIST and a crafter! So many lovely things, and I look forward to seeing many more next year. And that fabric is amazing, anything featuring a Beardsley print is a winner for me!
    Happy new year to you and the Captain, have fun! xxx

  10. Beautiful and very creative. Happy 2015. :)

  11. Crafting isn't about being refined - its about having fun! It looks like you are having a blast and that's all that matters! I love all your frocks - hurrah!


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