Friday, 12 December 2014

Inaugral Homesewn Frock

I purchased a 1960's sewing pattern for 10 cents at an op shop recently, & I finally worked up the courage to attempt my first ever sewing from scratch. The fabric I chose was as old sheet that I slept on as a child in our holiday house, & Mum passed them onto me. I found following a pattern a bit tricky, especially seeing as there were no facings included. They had obviously gone missing, so I drew up my own & hoped it would work out. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I cheated & didn't include the zip, because I could easily put it on without one. The hardest bit was adding the facings & getting the neckline right, but I have a wearable frock in a style I love to wear. I added the green trim around the neckline, which was about 10 cents worth, so all up it cost me 20 cents to make this dress!

Outfit Details...

Vintage sheet frock & matching headband - Made by me
Embroidery hoop necklace - Etsy
Vintage bakelite & celluloid bangles - Ebay & op shopped
Fabric belt - Made by Taz
Beaded bag - Vintage Hippy
Shoes & sunglasses - Retail


Since making this dress I've made a second one which turned out even better, as well as sewing a bolero without a pattern. I have really caught the crafty bug!


  1. That's a great first attempt! Is that sheet from your childhood where you got your love of orange + green from? :)

  2. Amazing job! It looks so cute and so perfectly suited to your style. I've started sewing from vintage patterns this year and the instructions are much less detailed than on modern patterns, and I find it a struggle! But the patterns are worth the effort :)

  3. great job,lady! I am super inspired to try my hand at sewing now! I just gotta get over my strange fear of sewing machines first...

  4. It's a gorgeous frock, well done, Leisa! You'll be running up all sorts now you've started! xxx

  5. I LOVE the trim!!! It looks great with that amazing BRIGHT print!!!! Hurray for skipping the zipper. :o)


  6. You're getting really good at this! Love the colours of the sheet and the dress is a perfect fit, too. xxx

  7. That frock is perfect! I feel like I MAY have this pattern too - its the kind of style I love so inherit a lot of this kind of pattern from sewing friends. You've done so well learning on vintage patterns, especially one with pieces missing! Well done you!


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