Friday, 14 November 2014

I see your true colours

Hello Friday! This vivid seersucker frock is a handmade beauty that I bought on K-Road in Auckland a few years ago. I recently made some adjustments, taking up the hem and also taking it in a bit. It's gone from a dress I rarely wear because it felt a bit blah fit wise to something I'm wearing all the time. I made the fabric brooch as well from an op shopped mini embroidery hoop, and to top it off I added a vintage metal bird brooch, because birds make everything better! It seems I'm becoming more crafty by the day, which is something I never thought I'd be saying!

Outfit Details....

60's handmade dress - I think it was $5 from a vintage store on K-Road
Fabric belt & vintage beaded bag - Op shopped
Stamp pendant - Handmade & gifted by Tam of  A Treasured Past
*Tam has a special going on Etsy where you get a free gift with a purchase...her jewellery is amazing!
Handmade brooch - Made by my from an op shopped hoop & fabric from a dress off-cut & a bird brooch
Old bone bracelet - Had since I was a little girl
Orange knitted flower brooch - Handmade by Fully Woolly
Ring, shoes & sunglasses - Retail


  1. What glorious colours! I love the pendant and brooch, too a perfect match! Very envious of the background, i want to be there right now! xxx

  2. The crafty was just lurking, waiting to take hold! Love the brooch! Love everything! You are my Queen of Accessorising!
    Those shoes, I need them!

  3. Fabulous colours, what a great frock! Once you get confident about altering clothes, you look at things with a different eye, and all sorts of options become available!
    What a beautiful location too. xxx

  4. Now I want to find a mini embroidery hoop to make a necklace with!!! You look super, super cute!!!


  5. The colours are simply divine.
    Vintage shopping becomes that much more exciting when you have some sewing skills to be able to alter pieces that may otherwise be left behind.x

  6. You look absolutely smashing in that frock and the colours and delightful. I love everything you wear, but that's no news to you lol. Yay for craftiness.

  7. Such a beautiful frock - the colours are amazing. Isn't it great when a few tweaks take something from a "never wear" to a new favourite? I love the brooch too and I LOVE seeing you become a crafty lady xoxo


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