Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Travel Post: Christchurch and a Helga playdate

Christchurch is constantly changing ever since the major earthquake of 2011. There is a resilient spirit about the place, and lots of pockets of shops and cafes to explore. During a few days there our main agenda was op shopping, exploring the vintage shops, having french toast at our favourite cafe, and of course spending the day with my divine blogging friend Helga.

Madam Butterfly's had some glorious vintage stock of all sorts. 

As does Buchan St Retro

I do love a good french toast, and this one from the Addington Coffee Co-Op is the best I've tasted, so I had it 3 times.

A gem of an op shop near our favourite cafe

Where I bought this brooch as well as a vintage swimsuit

We visited the vintage shops along Ferry Road, including the Vintage Warehouse

There's a new addition to Cathedral Junction called Anissa Victoria Loves Vintage

Where I found this sweet cotton tunic top for $2

Retropolitan is always on my to do list. The Captain scored himself a fabulous Litchfield shirt

We met this gloriarse covergirl for a play date, and funnily enough the Captain found this magazine while we were op shopping together. When I went to pay for it the man at the counter looked at the magazine, then looked up at Helga who was beside me. He looked rather perplexed to say the least.

Helga played tour guide and drove us to her favourite op shops after a delightful brunch together. 

I found a few things from Salvos...a sweet Royal Wyndham frock, a navy and orange scarf, a Johnson plate and knife set, and a vinyl-tastic bag.

We bought this Golden Book, which was rather serendipitous after discovering the plant pussy willow in Dunedin

Gifts were exchanged and I was squeeing in delight over these gorgeous treasures from Helga

Other purchases made at various Christchurch op shops included these below

A 50cent pendant from Salvos

Hand knitted hat from Tasman Traders, as well as a cotton Horrockses frock

A woolen tunic dress from Savemart

As well as a red crimplene jacket

And possibly my favourite purchase was these original 1960's CeeCee shoes, barely worn, for $6 from Tasman Traders. Oh the benefits of having teeny feet!

Also a couple of $3 frocks from Salvos

Hi Rose polka-dot frock made in Auckland above
and Juliet made in christchurch 60's shift dress below

That's it from our time on the South Island of New Zealand. 
I have one last post to share from our week on the North Island.
Then it's back to normal transmission of thrifted finds and the like.


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! So many lovely vintage bits and pieces to look at.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I don't know WHAT is wrong with me, but I haven't yet been to The Vintage Warehouse!!!!!
    You picked up such wonderful goodies! I have a Juliet frock or two!

  3. Ahh, how lovely to see you with Madam Helga, rummaging in the op shops and vintage stores. You found some delicious things, and the gifts from Helga are perfect - the green print frock and brooches are sooooo you! xxx

  4. What a treat to hang out with Queen Helgalicious! Your finds and pressies are fab. xxx

  5. You styled the Woolen Tunic Dress in such a Chic way!!!


  6. Wow what a fabulous load of vintage delights, how did you possibly fit it all in to bring home?

  7. Amazing scores! Very inspiring adventure, can't wait 'til I've cleared up some current stock and can hunt again. :)

  8. The navy polka dot dress and the birdie necklace are the best! SO many great finds and aren't you a lucky ducky getting to hang with Miss Helga!

  9. I love your travel posts! Also I REALLY need to head down to Chch! I love that last frock so much :D


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