Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Travel Post: Mayfield...Vintage haven in the middle of nowhere

I've shared about the Mayfield Overflow shop twice from previous trips to New Zealand, and yes we detoured to see the store once again this year. It was as full and chaotic as ever, inspiring, frustrating and downright exhausting. I had armfuls of stuff to take to the owner to ask prices (as nothing is priced), but I came away empty handed after all that. So obviously the price wasn't right for me, although the Captain came away with a fantastic old airliner book that was only $2. Kind of random.

This vinyl bag was on my price check list....but at $15 I left it behind

A basic polyester frock for $25

There are rooms and rooms jam packed with old stuff

I've got the crazy vintage lady eyes!

My dad a little perplexed by all that stuff!

So that's Mayfield done for another year....
I think I need a bex and a lie down!


  1. That looks like a right treasure trove, guarded by a real cutie of a dog.
    I always expect the kind of shops that are piled high with stuff to be dirt cheap - Second To None's spoilt me. xxx

  2. That shop looks incredible, so packed with stuff, but yes, maybe a little overwhelming, and also not cheap. That's a shame, you'd think they would shift more stock if they reduced the prices a tad. I'd have mad eyes in there too! xxx

  3. Love the crazy eyes photo! I'm sure that's what I look like when I'm thrifting too! :o)


  4. WOAH! This place looks amazing! However pretty spendy? Those are like Wellington prices, not what you'd expect to pay in a small town in the middle of nowhere.


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