Tuesday, 7 October 2014

There's something about those Squirrels

I first visited the Two Squirrels shop in Christchurch in 2010 before the earthquakes hit, and a little while later I began following their blog. We spent a day with Warren and Vanessa last year just before they opened their store in Milton. This time we knew we had to see the shop for ourselves. So the Captain and I and my parents set off on a little road trip. There are a couple of op shops in Milton, as well as a few other antique stores. Not being biased or anything, but the Squirrels shops is incredible. They have such an eye for quirky, inspiring treasures, and they display it all in such a unique and visually pleasing way.
I guess you'll see what I mean in the photos.

It's Miss Vanessa!!!

And the glorious shop

I love this girl...she's one of the sweetest people I know!

I think my Mum was as excited as I was!

I'm not sure what we're laughing at? 

That's my parents, the Captain and I with Vanessa

I bought this sweet cotton tunic dress (which I'm wearing in the next pics). Since returning home I have shortened the length and made a fabric belt with the offcuts. I love how it's wearable in both summer and winter.

I also took home this white and green cotton sundress

I couldn't resist this Timex watch, I do love an old watch. It is very early Timex (pre 1960's), with the logo US Time Corporation stamped on the back.

We spent a night with Vanessa and Warren at their beautiful home St Biddies

Which no surprise is a feast for the eyes

Von Trouser was rather elusive 

We exchanged gifts as is customary for blogging friends

We had a wonderful time together eating delicious food & talking up a storm. They honestly are the most delightful couple you could meet. I feel blessed to call them friends. We parted ways the following morning with us traveling onto Queenstown and W&V onto work at the shop. You simply must check out their shop if you are ever down Dunedin way. It's really worth the beautiful drive to Milton.


  1. I would love to meet gorgeous V and check out their shop. It looks beautiful and amazing. There were so many things in your photos I would love to buy and have in my home...the taxidermy rabbit and hat-pinned teddy just two examples. And what can I say about St Biddies?! What a heavenly place! I love your Timex (and your minty green coat!) xxx

  2. I was chatting to a girl at a vintage festival we did over the Summer and incredibly she used to live in NZ and knew The Squirrels shop really well - such a small world!! Lovely photos of both the shop and St Biddies. I love Miss V and Warren's displays, they are an art form in themselves! xxx

  3. Ahh, Vanessa and Warren are such a lovely couple, and their shop is a treat, everything is displayed so beautifully - although I am rather concerned about the hatpin voodoo teddy bear! St Brigid's is such a great place to live, how delightful to spend time with the Squirrels there. Great frocks too! xxx

  4. What a feast for the eyes, it's always a delight to look lovely vintage things when they are displayed beautifully. I can only imagine what Vanessa is like in person she looks so incredible sweet and adorable in pictures.

  5. I see what you mean about the shops stunning display/layout.
    And they get to call a church home, wow. x

  6. I agree, Vanessa is a lovely person, and I'm scared to go into her shop in case I spend too much money! She and W have great style.

  7. Oh this is just the most lovely post! You have captured so much of the beautifully styled items in the store and to see in St Biddies, it was magical.

  8. That dark floral IS perfect for any season!!!


  9. Hello sweet...............Oh my gosh what a lovely post...........sorry for the late comment I have been in Christchurch at my Ma&Pa's. You look so pretty in all the pics. thank you so much for all your kind words. sending happiness. V&W

  10. Vanessa and Warren are the MOST genuine sweethearts one could ever meet!
    Not to mention they have style in SPADES! I adore both their shop and their home-and just adore them to bits! XXX

  11. What an incredible shop and home! I love the dress you picked up!


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