Monday, 13 October 2014

Travel Post: Queenstown Bound

It's hard not to love Queenstown. It is so stunningly beautiful, picturesque, magnificent. Unlike anything we have in Australia. The draw card really is that scenery. I must admit I miss the diversity of vintage shops and op shopping while I'm there, although I found an op shop in the industrial part of town that I've never known existed before, so that helped take the edge off a bit.
We love traveling through Roxburgh and Alexandra. It is such a changing landscape. And a stop at Jimmy's pies is a MUST do!

I stuffed my face with TWO of these delicious pies in quick succession! I'm not even a pie girl normally.

Getting closer to the snow, but there's a tip shop to explore in Alexandra

At the tip shop I found this sweet trinket dish, a couple of old tins and a 1960's home design book

I bought two Danish bangles by Buch Deichmann (1981) from the downtown Salvos, and the Doc's, a suitcase and a dress from the industrial one. Funny story about the Doc's.....I tried on a pair of brogue Doc's at an op shop in Dunedin. They were $45 and I decided not to buy them. I said to myself, "I'd really like to find a pair of green Doc boots for less then $30", lo and behold two days later I spy these green Doc's for $12. Winning!

We adopted this handmade woolly buck from the Queenstown craft markets.

Took a drive out to Glenorchy

We took the obligatory gondola ride to take in that view

They don't call me the crazy bird lady for nothing

Next stop we're Northward bound


  1. Fabulous photos, stunning views, and great finds - how wonderful! xxx

  2. Hahahhaa, take the edge off! I hear you!
    Gorgeous pix, I love how you love our splendid country! It really shines through your eyes!
    I haven't been that way in a while.......XXX

  3. Holy cow!!! Your Green Docs are amazing!!!!!!! How great that you got to wear them right away. :o)


  4. I see precisely what you mean - the scenery is just jaw-dropping-ly beautiful!!

  5. I'm so jealous of your $12 Doc find!! Gimme gimme!!

  6. $12 Docs!! Holy Crap! Sweet Score. My mum used to have that biscuit tin (she may still do). I love Queenstown, so beautiful. But the actual town itself is a weird tourist mecca!


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