Friday, 10 October 2014

A dirndl a dirndl we all fall down

I have a sweet spot for dirndl's. There's something about the shape, with that square neckline, fitted bodice and waist, and full skirt. I bought this traditional dirndl on Ebay well over a year ago. It had always been too tight so I haven't worn it until now. I guess it's obvious the green got me. I paired it with a grey singlet top, but the grey didn't come up very well in these pics. Instead it looks like I have a glowing chest.

Outfit Details...

Traditional vintage dirndl - Ebay 
Button necklace - Handmade from a market
Fabric bag - A gift from Helga-licious
Vintage AAI charm bracelet - Garage sale
Timex watch, belt, singlet and Ray Bans - Retail


  1. Green!!! Dots!!! This dress is so sweet on you. :-) xx

  2. You love dirndls because you look so darn cute in them! Fabulous accessories! That necklace! That bracelet!!!

  3. Oh yes, I love a dirndl too, in fact I got mine out only yesterday. Yours looks lovely on, isn't it marvellous when you can suddenly fit into something?! Xxx

  4. Adorable dress! I wish I could wear a drindle but my bosom is soooo large my taataas would get pushed up to my chin! I guess that's the proper beer wench way to wear one?

  5. Love the dirndl, it's a great shape on you, and green (of course) is the perfect colour! Gorgeous! xxx

  6. Arggggggh, I am gargling with desire! What a delicious dirndl! I just love it, and you knew I would!
    That bracelet is rather special too! XXX

  7. Well it fits you perfectly now! It's adorable!!!!!


  8. I have always loved dirdl's as well! This green one is just perfect :D


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