Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Stuffed with Stuff

Yep that's me. So much stuff. I've got to admit I watch those TV shows on Hoarders and I feel kind of uncomfortable. At the rate of which I collect stuff I'll be buried alive by the time I'm a little old lady.
I CAN get rid of stuff, it's just I tend to do that at a slower rate then the acquiring.
But with things like this sitting before me at the op shops how can I refuse???

A gorgeous vintage poncho from Salvos for $3

Shoe clips

Yep green beads yet again...I don't have any heart shaped ones!

A Sarah Coventry rose bracelet
Salvos again I think

Orange beads

I don't have any use for cufflinks but I love old bling in a box

Stretchy navy belt

Neck tie scarf thingo

Orange flask

Anodised colander for practical use


  1. You really do find the coolest stuff!!!


  2. That's precisely the way I feel! But I don't blame you, I couldn't resist those gorgeous shoe clips!!

  3. All that crochet is making me very very happy. You certainly know how to find the good stuff!!!!

  4. Fab poncho! Well, all the things you found are cool. I have the same trouble, I accumulate more readily than I cull, but I am trying REALLY hard to change that! xxx

  5. We are all a bunch of hoarders but our stuff is really beautiful, no old news papers here! The poncho is my favorite score, just lovely!

  6. There is NO WAY you could leave those goodies behind!
    I'm in love with the shoes clips!!!!

  7. Oh man! I never find stuff this great in op shops - I adore the shoe clips and I love the idea of a poncho :D


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