Friday, 5 September 2014

She's like the wind through my tree

It was blowing a gale this particular day, so that song came to mind & got stuck in my head. Can't say I even like the song....I always found the lyrics rather odd & the singing kind of whiny. Hopefully it's now in your head too! 
This was a $2 vintage dress from the Suitcase Rummage, which I haven't been to in a long time. It has a great pattern & color combo. Crazy cardigan again, I'm sure it will be too warm to wear it in no time.

 Taking pics at my favourite little historic church, & I have a halo....that wasn't a planned effect!

Outfit Details.....

70's dress - Suitcase Rummage Market
Crazy cardigan - Op shopped
Bead necklace - from my childhood
Gold brooch, orange bracelet, tooled bag - Op shopped
Ring, gold bracelet, boots, tights & sunnies - Retail


  1. A lovely outfit! Love how your zig zag ring matches your cardi. xxx

  2. Hello gorgeous. I am loving those blue tights with the outfit and that ring! You look rather gorgeous with a halo too. Hope you are keeping well. I apologise for being pretty lame in staying in touch, I always want to do better, but me and this computer aren't always best of friends. Sending you much love and big hugs xoxo

  3. A beautiful outfit. You inspire me to try different outfits with what's in my wardrobe.
    The tooled leather bag is stunning. I found another one (which now makes for a grand total of two in the collection) a couple of weeks back. I'll hopefully get a few outfit photos on the weekend. x

  4. Gorgeous outfit. Love the teal blue with the autumn colours

  5. Well of course you have a halo, Heaven approves of your beautiful outfit! :o)


  6. great outfit! it's nearly tights and boots weather here! Have to say I'm a little bit excited! Love the Halo picture!

  7. Love the frock, and of course I have bag envy... xxxx

  8. I'm besotted with that cardi, and your handbag and ring are TO DIE FOR fabularse!

  9. I love all the matchy matchy blue details - that handbag is incredible and I LOVE that cardi forever!!


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