Friday, 26 September 2014

Lady Litchfield

I think my favourite purchase from our New Zealand trip would have to be this Lady Litchfield maxi dress. I found it in Shop on Carroll in Dunedin. It's a bit of a snugger fit then I'm used to, but I love the style and THAT print. My only question is whether to shorten it at some stage? I'm finding it rather hard to decide. The skirt has a LOT of fabric, & I guess one reason to shorten it is that I would be able to wear it during the cooler months with tights & boots. But I'm always hesitant about cutting into something so lovely. Let me know your thoughts!

The Captain & I dropped in for a look at the latest vintage fair to hit Brisbane, the Collectorville retro fair. There was a good selection of sellers with lots of treasures on offer. I was restrained & only added a brooch to my collection from Cassie's Corner. It's hard to find affordable enamel flower brooches around here. The biggest treat was catching up with my vintage loving friends, including Trudie of My Vintage Childhood who had a wonderful stall set up, alongside Celia of Kittys Vintage Kitsch, and Chris of Remember When
Here are a few pics of what caught my eye, including the new to me brooch below.....

The square dance dress above was exquisite. I LOVE the stripe scalloped detail along the hem.

I've always loved the VW Variant. This one was for sale.

This cotton swimsuit from the Vintage Hippy stall still had the original tags

I'm happy I've found the green frock rack!

Some details of Trudie's stall and the lady herself

Trudie, Celia and myself. I love that these ladies who's blogs I began following some years ago are now real life friends.

And the Captain found an admirer of his own. 
He's wearing his own New Zealand made vintage shirt by the Litchfield label. 
Beard grown in New Zealand.

Outfit Details.....

Lady Litchfield 60's frock - Shop on Carroll @ Dunedin
Tiny enamel brooch - A gift from Gloriarse Helga
Really old green bird brooch worn as a pendant - Hospice op shop in Gore NZ
Tapestry brooch, orange bakelite bangle & 2 vintage rings - Op shopped
Thin bakelite bangles - Ebay
1950's Timex watch - Two Squirrels in Milton NZ
Tooled leather bag - Op shopped @ Salvos
Yellow sandals & sunglasses - Retail


  1. I would keep it long, it looks so nice! Loving the captains beard! Is it a keeper?
    Looks like a great day out. x

  2. Love maxi length on you, you look so tall and willowy! That photo of the three of you is just lovely.
    How funny that your favourite car is a Variant, most people have never heard of them (they are very rare here) and we're always attracting a crowd when we're out in Ebbie.
    Lichfield is the closest city to us, what a coincidence! x

  3. I looooooove the dress long! Your yellow sandals look so cute peeking out. If you really want/need to wear the dress in the cooler months maybe try it with tights and boots and a loose cardigan or long vest. Think bohemian in Winter. :o)


  4. Oh sweet you look fabulous in the gorgeous 'shop on Carrol' dress.....hmmm I would normally say cut it......but it looks so good on you......I would say leave it a maxi. Wonderful to see you two on your trip. Sending much v
    Thanks for the link.....the watch is great.

  5. Well, I'm always going to say leave it long, of course I am! Seriously, you look fantastic in a maxi, Leisa, and this one is so pretty. You have plenty of shorter frocks, it would be nice to leave this one at its original length.
    Great pic with you, Celia and Trudie. xxx

  6. I know I am a bit of a shocker for shortening frocks, so I am one to talk, but I REALLY think you should leave it as it is - its TOO Perfect! That fair looks like such a blast - I'm seriously jealous!


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