Saturday, 20 September 2014

Home from our beloved New Zealand

We've been back from New Zealand for a week now, & my lack of posting has been due to recovering physically as well as catching up on things at home. I've got to say we had a wonderful trip, I think we enjoyed it as much as we ever have. It feels like we leave our hearts there on the South Island when we return home. I am not one of those people who feels any relief at the idea of heading home, so it's a bit of a downer being back to ordinary life. We had incredible weather, some wonderful catch ups with blogging friends, and time with family. And the vintage didn't disappoint. I guess photos will describe it better then I can so here we go.....

Yep that's how I travel thanks to my misbehaving immune system.

Flying over Queenstown

Our delightful villa in Dunedin

Op shops and Modaks

 Squee to seeing the Squirrels shop as well as dear blogging friends

I sniffed out as many vintage shops as I could

We had all kinds of weather, but mostly mild and sunny

We spent a night in a church

Stuffed ourselves silly with Jimmy's pies

Took in the scenery in Queenstown

I got reacquainted with the local birds

We drove across the highest main road in New Zealand

Saw the majestic Mount Cook

We had a ball sharing our time away with my parents

Some fog and some history

We spent a while at "that" shop at Mayfield

Found more vintage treasures in Christchurch

Met the lambs up Auckland way

I K-Roaded

Stood next to my favourite beverage

Saw some country and some city and spent time with our sweet nephew and niece

And returned home exhausted but happy

I'll have more NZ posts to follow. You'll be so sick of it by the time I finish!


  1. Welcome back! It sounds and looks like the most wonderful trip. Fabulous photos, Leisa - amazing scenery, vintage shopping, blog friends, family, not to mention a great series of outfits - just marvellous! xxxx

  2. I'm old enough to remember the advertising jingle that went 'It's Lemon and Paeroa weather, time to get together. For sparkling soft drinks you'll agree it's time for L&P'. Or something like that to a highly catchy tune. Aaaah - 70's Upper Hutt childhood!

  3. This is my kind of vacation! Family, shopping and gorgeous views! New Zealand looks so stunning, I can see why you leave your heart there. Love seeing you with some familiar beautiful faces!

  4. It looks like a beautiful holiday. The scenery is incredible! I must get to New Zealand soon!

  5. Well, you know I'll never get sick of NZ posts! You show us in our true bright, beautiful light so well!

  6. I'm always sad when I get home from India, too! NZ looks fabulous, I never get bored of travel photos, especially ones as beautiful as yours! x

  7. Now I want to make a trip to New Zealand!!! Bring on the photos! :o)


  8. Just move here already! We would love to have you ;)


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