Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Travel Post: Dunedin Dreaming

I don't know what it is about Dunedin, but this place has gotten under my skin. When we fly in from Brisbane I feel as though I'm coming home. I adore this city. I love the weather, especially the steely grey days. I love the city and the outskirts. I love the Peninsular, Port Chalmers. I love the coffee and the op shops. I hope that one day we will call Dunedin home. The idea of moving feels like a logistical nightmare, but who knows what the future holds?

We stayed in a glorious 1880's villa. It has views of the city and it was so spacious for 4 people, and cheaper then a motel. I know!!!


Modaks is our favourite cafe, the food is great and the atmosphere is amazing, not to mention the incredible decor.

Shop on Carroll would have to be my favourite op shop. Although it's hardly an ordinary op shop. It's more like a proper vintage store, with higher quality stock, and it's laid out so beautifully. 

I bought two frocks from Shop on Carroll, as well as the jacket from their Mosgiel store. 

 My first Lady Litchfield in a glorious green, and yes I think I'll keep it a maxi (thanks to those who commented).

And this Osti brunch coat came from Mosgiel too.

We had a lovely catch up with Penny-Rose. Hers was one of the first blogs I ever read. We share a love of op shopping, polyester frocks and kitsch ornaments.

We did a wee present swap and Penny-Rose gifted me these lovely things

There was more sight-seeing of majestic churches and coffee stops

More posing to do in front of that view

That's my happy boots, tights and jackets face!

The coffee we had at Coffee Culture in Roslyn was the best of the trip


I got to meet another blogger Susan of Indigo Violet Vintage for the first time. It was so nice to sit and chat and get to know the woman behind the blog. 

Susan gifted me 3 delicious frocks. My heart skipped a beat at the sight of them, I couldn't believe she knew my tastes so well!

A handmade barkloth beauty

The sweetest 50's/60's frock with the label 'Lorna Cooper for Selby'

 And an Osti dress, belt and short sleeve jacket set

A trip out to Port Chalmers is always on the Captains to do list, and I don't need much convincing as there are a few vintage shops there, including Box of Birds

Where I spied the most incredible shoes, that promptly came home with me

We visited Broad Bay China for the first time. I'm glad we did as there was more then just old china.

 I came away with this sweet bracelet

Wearing my 'Susan' barkloth dress

We found Pussy-Willow in the garden
And drooled over my dream house every time we drove down this road
It's a gorgeous 1960's house with stunning views over the city and all original decor

We visited all the usual suspects....Toffs, the Hospice shops, Restore, and Savemart

I found this tapestry and vinyl bag from the Hospice shop on Bond Street


We bid a sad farewell to our villa, the city, the churches, the op shops

And we headed south

This is how I have to travel when I'm having trouble being upright, but we get there in the end, & I'm grateful for that!

Next stop is the Squirrels!


  1. That bark cloth dress, wow. What a beautiful dress to be gifted.
    So many lovely photos. I love seeing inside different op-shops.
    It's lovely meeting up with blog friends isn't it. x

  2. I REALLY want to go shopping with you! :o)

    You style your scarves beautifully. I especially love the orange knit/crochet scarf with your new bark cloth dress. What a great pairing! And with that beret...Perfect!!!


  3. So glad you like the dresses! XXX

  4. Wow, so many delights! Good to know you had a fabulous time in Dunedin, your spiritual home, with plenty of excellent shopping, great coffee, beautiful views, blogging friends, and wonderful gifts! Your new frocks are fab. xxx

  5. I REALLY want to live in Dunedin too - you are not alone! The house prices are so much better and its just a beautiful place. Now all I need is a job down there, that's the problem :(


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