Friday, 15 August 2014

Walls and frocks are best when matched

I unintentionally took my matchy matchy tendencies to the extreme by having my pics taken in front of this wall. Just as well I wore the green jacket or I would fade into the background!
This frock is from Retropolitan, which I bought during my first ever play date with our Queen Helga. You can read about that day here. I haven't worn it much because it got too tight, & also I find it's a wee bit short for my liking. It's the kind of style that when you raise your arms the entire dress hitches up. Thankfully there was about an inch of spare fabric at the hem so I have taken it down a bit which should make it more wearable. The jacket was found in a Dunedin op shop last year, & again shortened to a more flattering length by me. Speaking of New Zealand I'm counting the sleeps till we go again & get to see my favourite NZ blog friends. Oh SO exciting!!!

Ooh err stockings AND sandals!

Outfit Details.....

60's Frock - Retropolitan @ Christchurch NZ
Green vintage jacket - Op shopped in Dunedin NZ
Old bird brooch - Op shopped in Gore NZ
Orange bling ring - 40th Gift from my bestie Miss J
Green bead necklace - Op shopped @ Vinnies
Bakelite bangles - Ebay
Beaded bag - Way We Wear Vintage Fair @ Mt Gravatt
Vintage shoes - Op shopped @ Endos
Tights & sunnies - Retail

If I'm a bit slack in commenting on your blog posts in the next little while just know I still love you & will catch up on your posts when I can. Xx


  1. Such matchy matchy goodness! Love those colours together.

  2. Gorgeous colours, and the perfect background! Love the print on the frock, and I am coveting that delicious bag.
    I can't quite manage the tights/sandals thing. I don't know why, look at Helga, she rocks that look (and now you do too) so I need to get over it and have a go, don't I?!
    A trip to NZ, how lovely, can't wait to see the photos. xxx

  3. I agree, perfect background, pattern on pattern. The bag and the frock and the backdrop together make my eyes spin in a perfect way. I want to go to New Zealand too!

  4. Love it! The background makes the perfect backdrop for some great blogger stylee photos!

  5. Fab industrial chic background and a kick ass colour combo to boot! I love those sandals. xxx

  6. I adore matching walls. :o)


  7. I struggle a bit with colour matching but you are a pro at it! I love the colour of the jacket with the dress. And the wall just tops it off!

  8. Ooo, I love that jacket and bag-I just love it all, really....especially sandals and tights! HUZZAH!

  9. That bag is sooooooooo awesome! Lovin' the pics. You're a true covergirl!

  10. So much matchy matchy - I love it! I also know how much you love cooler weather, have to say, the weather must have known you were coming and is putting on quite a show!


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