Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Thrifted Finds

You know the drill.....op shopped old stuff

Including the OBD (obligatory Blogger deer) wall vase

A red German pendant

Chevron stripe scarf

Dark blue & gold bracelet

I'm rather old school & tend to wear slips all the time with my frocks. 
I especially like this style of slip, & this one is an original unworn OSTI.

Wild print tunic top which I suspect was once a dress...I'm wondering if I can re-create it into a dress again?

 Hand knitted bed jacket cardigan in a sweet green 


  1. Shamelessly salivating over that incredible green bed jacket I am! I'm sure a frock could be re-created from that gorgeous beauty. It could be a Franken-Frock! Meghan Edge of Cirque du Frock makes fantastic pieces fashioned together from tops and skirts, they're ingenious! Yesterday I thought of you when I discovered a new vintage shop with extremely reasonable prices just down from Perretts Pies. It's called Pop Up, right next door to the kebab shop. Get down there! xoxo

  2. Can't beat an OBD, a vintage slip (I swear by them too!) and a groovy print. Nice finds, Leisa! xxx

  3. Love that groovy printed top - what fantastic colours! xxx

  4. I am finally understanding the need of slips and vintage is all the better! The top can surely be mage into a rocking mini, I know you can do it!

  5. A vintage slip is on my wish list.
    The cardigan is very sweet. Do you plan to wear it out and about I wonder.x

  6. Yes to vintage slips! The modern ones (even the expensive ones) are such a weird shape. I have sourced all my slips from op-shops for usually less than a dollar :)

  7. That red and gold medallion is AMAZING!!! Darn good find!

  8. I love slips - but I have trouble finding them. When I do I snap them up! Love the necklace too :D


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