Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Some Bakelite, German and Pyrex

I bought these 4 bakelite bangles from Ebay for a song. I'm drawn to the green & orange bakelite. These seem to go with so many of my frocks.

With my carved bakelite bangle from Lifeline for $2

A sunny Pyrex mixing bowl from a local op shop for $1

A toothpick holder donkey burro for 20 cents....can't remember where from?

A speckled red/orange vintage cardigan which you've seen me wearing on a Friday.
 I love the style of this one.

A German pendant in green from Endos. Obvious why that had to come home with me.
Green things are ALWAYS my weakness! 


  1. OOOh I am loving those bangles - gorgeous. And the wee donkey, he is a cutie. So glad you had a wonderful time here in Dunedin, and it was lovely to see you again. xxx

  2. Bakelite beauties! The colours are fab. I don't own any bakelite but I sometimes pretend that my plastic bangles are real bakelite. The toothpick burro is a gem too. XXX

  3. Ohhhh I love the bangles , so pretty and the German pendant of course. Heck I always love everything of yours. X

  4. Loving the bangles, and the pendant would have come home with me too! xxx

  5. I love seeing the treasures you find!!!


  6. That necklace is heavenly!!! Awesome score!

  7. I'm in love with that red cardi, sooo jealous! I love cardigans, they just go with everything! :)

  8. I love these posts where you share all your treasures - the cardi is a win for me :D


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