Friday, 22 August 2014

Flannalette Frock Friday

I bought this flannelette cotton dress on Ebay last year. It was new old stock with the original tags, & from a Brisbane designer. It feels so soft & cuddly, just like a sheet. I'm a wee bit matchy matchy obsessed when it comes to red, white & navy, as you can probably tell.

Outfit Details.....

Emerson vintage frock & enamel brooch - Ebay
Vintage cardigan, scarf, shoes & ring - Op shopped
Debenhams coat - Op shopped @ Vinnies
Tape measure bangles - Mrs Robinsons in NZ
Vintage bag - Garage sale
Tights, beanie & sunglasses - Retail


  1. I love your matchy-matchyness! :o)


  2. Love that dress,must be one of my favourite outfits of yours.
    Funny to see Debenhams down-under! xxx

  3. You look beautiful love the red, white and blue on you, you look very stylish. dee x

  4. Love the groovy print, and the red coat is fabulous. Bet you are really enjoying wearing all those layers! xxx

  5. Oooohhh flannelette would be so cosy! I am going to have to hunt down a flannelette frock for the dreadful Melbourne mornings. You are rocking those colours and I really love that red coat. XXX

  6. You are my matchy matchy dreams come true, darl!
    Hope you bought it to NZ, it would be PERFECT! XXX

  7. I love the outfit but that handbag is a total winner!

  8. Love your matchy matchness. You look perfectly exquisite and the red coat is popping off my screen. I love everything thing about this combination.

  9. Matchy matchy is the BEST! you look super cute and I am very curious about this flannelette dress! Maybe I should make one for myself next winter :)


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