Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Buttons & Things

My new sewing obsession calls for all the bits & pieces one needs for alterations, so I keep a keen eye out for old buttons. I got 2 glorious bags of old buttons for 50cents per bag. As well as some 10cent patterns.

I'd like each & every one of these frocks.
Pockets and collars!

I bought this one for that middle coat with the collar

I made another scarf out of some dress off-cuts. The addition of ric-rac really excited me!

An old German tape measure

Another bag of old buttons


  1. I always think that old buttons look like candy! :o)


  2. You already know I'm a sucker for old patterns! That housecoat is gorgeous, you must make that.
    I love buying tins of old buttons, sorting through them and admiring them. I've tried to curtail that obsession of late, though. I haven't mastered the art of a buttonhole and my collection is getting too big! x

  3. Oooooh what a wonderful button haul you've acquired, I love them all! The patterns are delish and I would wear the house coat as a outdoor coat - way too pretty to hide indoors! xox

  4. Nicely done! I can't wait to see the house coat!
    I think I would design an entire ensemble around those fantastic carved green buttons.

  5. Those are some beautiful buttons, and I love the patterns too. When you're back from NZ, you must have a go at making something, Leisa! xxx

  6. Gosh I love buttons! I really really do! You have scored some beautiful bargains. XXX

  7. Oh I instantly looked at the middle coat pattern too, isn't it stunning.
    I scored a jar full of buttons a couple of weeks back. there were some lovely vintage ones in there. I must say that I don't come across them by the jar-full as much anymore.

  8. The sewing corner is my first stop when lurking in op-shops, such good treasures to be found. I haven't bought bias binding or elastic for years. Not to mention the loads of buttons that come home with me.

    I recently spent some time going through my Mum's extensive pattern stash and that Style pattern was there. It has migrated to my stash now on Miss15's request, although I doubt that she would actually wear it.

  9. Great finds. I am always drawn to buttons, but I have a way-too-extensive collection already, so I have to leave them alone! Unfortunately, very few of them match...

  10. You were wearing that gorgeous scarf today! I have the same fabric in black with a white trellis. It's uncanny. And I have a huge button collection by the way, which I inherited from Mum.

  11. Old buttons are really the best - modern buttons are so boring when you contrast them! I love that middle dressing gown too and ric rac makes everything better :)

  12. I used to have a HUGE button stash. I made button bouquets and it takes a lot of buttons. Those would have worked AWESOMELY for one of my projects. I had to stop making them though because I started to get CTS from all the wire twisting.

  13. Had I known you were going to get so into sewing at the start of this year I would have been able to give you loads of buttons. I sold a massive collection with other sewing odds and ends. I recognise some of your buttons in my old collection. Totally I love with dress patterns and fully agree with you, I too could have one of each easily....as well as the coat in the middle. Love, love, love the scarf from the scrap of a dress....brilliant.


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