Friday, 8 August 2014

Beachcombing in Boots

What a glorious winters day it was on the beach a few weeks back. We took these pics with the afternoon light fading & the tide rolling in. Yes it's that eye boggling cardigan being featured again. I am rather obsessed by her orange & brown glory. And I'm finally wearing this green cotton 60's house dress again after a long time of it being too tight across my hips. It has all those features I like....a pocket, zip front, wacky collar &  my favourite colour.


Outfit Details.....

60's cotton frock - Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair
Vintage cardigan, scarf & tooled leather bag - Op shopped
Tapestry brooch & two goldtone bracelets - Op shopped
Button ring - Collective Store
Ray Bans, tights & boots - Retail


  1. Oooh to be on the beach right now - jealous! Lovely dress and cardi combo, love the boots and you two look so sweet together. xxx

  2. Lovely colours, fab frock, beautiful location - and layers, tights and boots! I think you're feeling happier with the weather, Leisa!
    PS. Go on, have a go at making something from a pattern - if you use some cheap fabric, an old sheet or something, it won't be a disaster if you mess it up - but I bet you won't! xxx

  3. I love this outfit, and the setting is divine. You are glowing! xoxo

  4. I love that you love the wacky collars! This is why I blog...seeing stylish ladies wear exactly what they love in beautiful, creative ways.


  5. I do like paisley and love the zip detail on this dress. x

  6. Those boots are amazing! I can't wait for some cooler weather to roll in here!

  7. I'm really in love with that cardi! It's just wonderful and those boots rock. I always love seeing you in clothing for cooler weather as I know how much you love a cooler climate :)


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