Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Weekend Wanderlust

The Captain scored a long weekend off work so we went to our beloved Sunshine Coast for a short break. Of course there was coffee involved, as well as op shopping, and soaking up the winter sun on the beach. It's such a glorious time of year on our beaches. They seem more beautiful in winter somehow.

 I was given a gift voucher for the store Lamington for my birthday, so we popped in for a visit. 
LOVE that shop.

Salvage Design has moved to a more central location. They have some great mid-century pieces at reasonable prices. One thing the Sunshine Coast needs is more vintage shops.

Of course some things came home with me.
Including the blue circle whatchamacallit?
I knew it would be perfect for my deer doily

 Wooden earring from Lamington

 I always need another bird brooch

Sarah Coventry bling ring. Gee I love Sarah Cov stuff

Pattern obviously

A vibrant vintage sheet

 Birdie wall vase to add to my collection

A book from 1975 about sewing & craft

All in all it was a lovely weekend. 
I hope you're all having a good week so far.


  1. Oh these beach photo's they look lovely xoxo

  2. Lovely photo of the pair of you and a truly glorious beach. Love that insane crochet maxi (maybe I should do that with one of my blankets?) xxx

  3. The vintage sheet is stunning.
    Lamington looks like my kind of shop too. x

  4. We call the blue thing an embroidery loom.

    Your pictures make me want to run to the beach, but it's Summer here so it wouldn't be all to myself. :o)


  5. Now that does sound like the perfect weekend - gorgeous pics of the coast, and the shops, and of you lovely people too!
    Some gorgeous finds - funnily enough, I was looking at that very same sewing pattern on Ebay, wouldn't it look great made up from that fabulous sheet? xxx


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