Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Over the Hill

It's true, I am officially over the hill so to speak. 40 years old. Middle age...vintage....retro.
I must say a change in number really doesn't mean anything to me so it's just another day really.
With my physical state declining in the month before my party, which I suspect was due to a change in medication as well as some extra lurgy's, I was SO grateful to celebrate my birthday with our family & close friends. We did change the date & time, but thankfully that went ahead, especially seeing as we had friends & fam here from Victoria & New Zealand. My dearest Miss J hosted the party for us in her gorgeous vintage abode. It was perfect. I hardly got any photos of the day, but here are a few to share....

My dear friend Gail from Melbourne stayed with us for just over a week. I haven't seen her for 4 years so it was wonderful to spend time together.

My big sister, dressed in a vintage frock I bought her for Christmas

My gorgeous folks & sister. All rocking the nana clothes.

I wore a late 50's green dress that I found at Retro Metro at Paddington. When I saw the colour I knew I had to have it & the price was amazing thanks to lovely Col.

I won't bore you with all the lovely gifts I was given, but the Captain gave me a new old ring. An engagement ring circa 1920 with a European cut diamond. My engagement ring doesn't fit & was going to cost a fair bit to resize. So instead we got an old one I can wear.

I spent my actual birthday with my gorgeous Miss J. She had organized for a local cafe to make french toast just like our favourite cafe in Christchurch does it. It was heavenly. I think breakfast is my favourite meal of the day.

And we had a wee wander around the WAC

Here's to the roaring 40's!


  1. Oh you gorgeous thing. You may be 40 now but you're far from vintage my love, but you are so very retro and groovy. What a smashing frock you wore and your smile certainly confirms it was a special time. Love the family pic, so lovely. The captain did a wonderful job with that stunning ring. Happy birthday again my love. X

  2. I'm glad you had a lovely birthday (happiest of birthdays to you) and my that dress is divine and that ring too is a beauty x

  3. Happy birthday! I am glad that you have a wonderful time and you look just beautiful in that gorgeous green dress. And what a beautiful gift from the captain too!

  4. Over the hill? Blimey, if you are, what does that make me?! I am so happy that you were well enough to enjoy your birthday celebrations, Leisa, you look positively glowing with happiness at being surrounded by your family and friends. Gorgeous frock and the ring is absolutely beautiful. Bring on the 40s, it's a great decade! xxx

  5. Happy Birthday from a new follower! I love your dress, I love your ring, and I love that you think you're over the hill at 40... That means at 44 I've gone over it and come back again! Looking forward to reading more! x

  6. Happy Birthday and welcome to the club!!! Your birthday dress is gorgeous, I hope you had the best birthday ever xxx

  7. Gawd - if 40's "over the hill" I'd better hang up my platforms and go hide away!
    Seriously though, delighted you had a great birthday - your dress looked wonderful and your gifts were so lovely! So pleased you were well enough to enjoy it. xxx

  8. Happy belated birthday! Looks like you scored some serious points on with Scrabble :)

  9. I am swooning over your new old ring!!! ...and your dress in the last photo. :o)

  10. I love how everyone is wearing greens and blues to match you, and what a stunning ring.
    Do I spot a Crown Lynn jug on the table?
    Happy birthday VBG.

  11. I hope you had the most wonderful birthday beautiful! So many great photos, buy my favourite is your WHOLE family wearing vintage. It's just adorable!


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