Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Op Shopped All Sorts

I haven't gotten to my nursing home oppy for ages, so I picked up a few things on my last visit.
Below is a steel necklace with orange in the middle which I've worn a lot already.

Blue beads obviously

Happy days....another crochet bag, this one is smaller then the other one I have

Some sweet green trim, still deciding what project to use it on

A large Pyrex casserole dish
With kitchen cupboard space at a premium, I have donated some other dishes to the op shops to make room for this one. Can't say I ever imagined I'd get excited by Pyrex!


  1. Love that orange pendant, very funky indeed! The crochet bag's gorgeous, too. x

  2. I am sure you will think of a beautiful way to use that green trim! What a find!


  3. Well, you know I am a sucker for a steel pendant, and that one is really cool! Matches the Pyrex, very clever! xxxx

  4. Love the bag, gorgeous colours!

  5. Gorgeous pendant. But I'm most excited for you and that crotched bag, now your other one has company. It would be hilarious and possibly strange to see you double bag it with both of them. Perhaps it should be a challenge.

  6. That pyrex is awesome - who decided all kitchen ware has to be minimalist? I just love it. Also that first necklace is amazing. I can see why you like it so much :)


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