Friday, 25 July 2014

I put on my green suede shoes

I picked up this handmade dress from an op shop a couple of weeks ago. It's a simple style but it's a nice comfy fit....and the green just happens to match my hoofy boots perfectly.

Outfit Details....

Handmade dress - Op shopped @ Lifeline
Green button necklace - Gifted by sweet Tam
Vintage porcelain ring - a vintage fair
Brooch & handmade bracelet - Op shopped
Toaster cover patchwork bag - Gift from Miss J
Cardi, tights, boots & sunnies - Retail


  1. I love your "hoofy" boots, they look really cool with that pretty dress. The bracelet is wonderful, I love it! xxx

  2. Lovely print on the dress, and look how matchy-matchy you are, you have The Skill! As always. you accessorise like a demon, beautiful brooch. xxx

  3. So lovely, a deliciously colourful combination. Loving the boots of course. You look really comfy, says a lot for a good fit with clothing, you can often tell in the way someone carries themselves.

  4. You have some of my favourite accessories - I LOVE that bracelet!! Also your hoofy boots are amazing :)

  5. You look beautiful I adore all the blue shades, dee x


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