Friday, 4 July 2014

I guess that's why they call it the blues....

Hands up who owns a Jonathan Summers frock? I seem to have quite a few in my collection. I tend not to wear this one in summer, A- because it's polyester, and B- because it's beige, which means I only get away with wearing it with a bright cardigan. Beige makes me look icky. Thank goodness for the polka-dots! I do love a matchy-matchy outfit, & I am relishing wearing tights. How I wish winter would last all year long!

Outfit Details....

Jonathan Summers frock - Op shopped
Polkadot belt - from another op shopped frock
Vintage cardigan - Op shopped @ Vinnies
Hexagonal wood brooch - I Feel Natty
Deer brooch - Gifted by a friend
Gold star brooch - Op shopped
Spoon bracelet - 2nd Avenue
Red ring - Erstwilder
Tights & sunglasses - Retail
Red shoes - Op shopped @ Salvos
Vintage bag - Gift from my mum

If you're from the Brissy area there are a couple of things on this weekend, as well as the usual markets that are on around town.


  1. I'm liking the blue and red combo. Those tights are lovely and the perfect pop of colour.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. What a gorgeous outfit! And if I had Winters like yours I'd love them too... I reckon they're warmer than our Summer in Scotland just now! x

  3. Jonathan Summers frocks? I wish one would show up around here. They are so nice. Such a pretty look for you.

  4. And that bag is fabulous. What a nice Mum!!!!

  5. Hi sweet.......I hope you had a wonderful birthday.......welcome to the fabulous 40's.....yay.
    You are looking just perfect in polka dots.........great dress.
    Sending much happiness.
    Love v

  6. I love learning about vintage Australian designers from you! I first found your blog when I bought an Osti, and went searching for information. I found a Hilton recently too. Now I can add another name to those I will recognise if I see them in the op-shops. Thank you!

  7. Love the blue polkadots and blue tights! I'm enjoying bringing out the tights too, especially since I have such a huge collection!

  8. Beige does the same thing to me. Yuck! Hurray for bright colors to liven it up! :o) I am amazed by your bag, WOW it's cool!!! I think it is really being given a boost having the perfect outfit as its backdrop. I guess that's why shops group items into collections, it really makes them special. Then you get home and look at your item by itself and have to remember just why you thought it was so great, haha. :o)

  9. Love this outfit!!! I'm not wishing our summer away here in Belfast but I am looking forward to coloured tights again!!

  10. I had a couple of Jonathan Summers frocks in the early 80s. One was pale powder blue with some sort of black floral drawing on the pleated skirt, sleeveless with a cowl neck. God it sounds hideous, but I thought I looked very classy. The other was a really vibrant pink, not Barbie-pink, more raspberry-on-steroids-pink, long sleeved, scoop neckline with some sort of gold and silver embroidery embellishment around the neckline. It had a really full swishy skirt and once again I thought I looked pretty classy ;) It is ever so amusing to see a label that I wore "on trend" pop up in vintage blogs :)

  11. That dress is wonderful! I love the belt too - another reason to like in NZ I see, I wear tights most of the year ;)


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