Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Garage Sale Finds and Disasters

The Captain & I happened to visit a garage sale that was held in the same street that I grew up on. An older lady had passed on with quite the collection of all sorts of things. She had taught sewing, & had SO many old patterns from the 1940's to 80's. There was handmade clothing, kitchen stuff, linen & all sorts.
I found my first printers tray. It's got a split in the wood but I love the rustic charm, & it was very cheap!

A sweet vintage silver necklace & earrings set for 50cents

Who knows if I'll ever actually wear it, but I was drawn to this old hand knitted vest that the owner used to wear golfing.

Various vintage patterns for 50cents

This one is from 1952

A sweet English dish by Wood & Sons

A set of totally kitsch wooden coasters. I fell in love with those graphics.

And onto my garage sale disaster.
I bought a beautiful OLD doona (as we call quilts & eiderdowns here in Oz). There was something about the pattern of the fabric, & I was taken by the fact it's a double size. The only problem was it had a lot of dirty spots. I figured a quick wash was all it needed. As soon as the water hit the doona, the water turned a murky brown. It must have been 70 years of grime escaping. It ended up being too big for my laundry tub, so I thought it might be easier if I transferred it to the washing machine. BAD IDEA! The doona got jammed in the machine, & the machine flooded the laundry as a wall of water escaped from underneath. To my horror the doona had ripped in places, because I'd say it was too heavy for the machine. I completed the soak & washing process in our bath tub (we never use the bath tub). Which proceeded to spring a leak from the upstairs bathroom down to the toilet on the lower level, where there was a pool of danky water. Now the doona is clean & dry (finally!), but I'm not sure if it's salvageable with the different torn bits, although thankfully they seem to be on one side with the other side unscathed. So the lesson learned was to only wash something that big & heavy in the bath tub, at least then the fabric would still be in one piece!

Have you experienced any vintage fabric disasters?


  1. Hey Leisa, what fantastic finds! I have a few of the old eiderdowns that have tears and have patched them with chenille squares and old doilies. T xx

  2. The printer's tray looks great in amongst your lovely other things. The maxi skirt pattern is gorgeous, aren't the pockets sweet?
    Such a shame about the eiderdown. I bet you were exhausted battling with that beast! xxx

  3. I hope you can rescue the doona, such a great word. So many lovely things, especially the printer's tray. I had a vintage dress once that I carelessly threw in the wash. It shrank badly and I remember standing in the bathtub with my girlfriends, trying to tug the wet dress onto my body before it dried and got even smaller. Too late. The dress was a goner.

  4. I bought an old cotton sleeping bag that we use as an extra blankie for camping and stuff. The fabric is beautifully soft and has been patched carefully by the previous owner. Even though it's quite flowery my stepsons always choose it - there's something special about old blankets and quilts. Want one of those aprons with matching oven mitt!

  5. O, yeah, I've shrunk the odd lovely frock.......bummer about the doona, but ti will just look more rustic! Love the fabric.
    I've popped 5th september on my calendar!!! Can't wait!!! This time I'm thinking I'll bring the car and drive us about.

  6. Great garage sale .. Love the finds .. That sounds like an epic laundry battle !! Scares me washing delicates. Im hopeless at it. Always messing things up!

  7. The fabric is the eiderdown is so pretty but oh dear, what a troublesome beast!
    Love the printer's tray (must dust mine off and get it up - one of these days...) and the patterns. xxx

  8. Oh my goodness that sounds like such a disaster! Glad that at least the quilt came out clean in the end, even if there were a couple of rips! And glad you got some other nice knick knacks too, the printer's tray is great!

  9. Oh my! Well after all that you can't give up on it now, patch it up. :o) I like the idea of using chenille and doilies as the first commenter said.


  10. What a brilliant garage sale! Love the printer tray and as for the eiderdown... it's so lovely I'm sure you'll look back and laugh at the hilarity of your washing adventure in years to come! x

  11. Oh nooooooooo what a disaster!!! and such a beautiful eidie too! Oh well these things happen. Love your printers tray though, very lovely indeed. Hope you are keeping well my friend?? xoxo

  12. Doona disaster!! It does seem to be quite beautiful - I think it was worth the effort! I would have gone nuts over those old patterns :D


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